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The Columbia Cotillion Club holds Winter Ball



The Columbia Cotillion Club, a gentleman’s dance club founded in 1890, held its Winter Ball Thursday evening, December 28, 2023, at Forest Lake Club. Seven daughters and one granddaughter of members were presented. A reception and receiving line were followed by the debutante presentation and figure. Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews directed the figure, which was followed by dinner and dancing to the music of The Charlie Gatch Band.

Daughters and Granddaughters presented were:

Miss Margaret McDonald Irvin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warren Irvin III, granddaughter of Dr. Charles Warren Irvin, Jr.; escorted by Mr. Charles Warren Irvin IV.

Miss Claiborne Ansel Bunch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Austin Bunch, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hammond Bowman III and the late Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Bunch, Jr.; escorted by Mr. William Porcher DuBose Tuller, Jr.

Miss Katherine Clark Mullins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wade Mullins III, granddaughter of Mr. Edward Wade Mullins, Jr.; escorted by Mr. Anthony James Kuse.



Miss Margaret Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Graham Walker, and granddaughter of Dr. Edward Darrell Hopkins, escorted by Mr. Davis Myers Newman.

Miss Elizabeth Jennings Searcy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen David Searcy, granddaughter of Mr. Joseph Duffy Jones, and great-granddaughter of Dr. Isaac Jenkins Mikell, escorted by Mr. Patrick Noble Searcy.

Miss Mary Fleming Hampton Finlay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman Finlay III, granddaughter of the late Mr. Kirkman Finlay, Jr., great-granddaughter of the late Mr. Kirkman Finlay, escorted by Mr. Wade Sullivan Oliver.

Miss Elizabeth Pennington Thomas, daughter of the late Mr. William Graham Thomas, granddaughter of the late Mr. Joseph Gordon Thomas, escorted by Mr. William Graham Thomas, Jr. Miss Avery Appalachian Mooney Cantey, granddaughter of the late Mr. William Childs Cantey, Jr., and great-granddaughter of the late Mr. William Childs Cantey, Sr.; escorted by Mr. William Childs Cantey IV

Guest debutants were: Miss Lyles Cooper Addy, escorted by Mr. John Elliott Epps; Miss Emma Henley Cureton, escorted by Mr. Christopher Hendrix Twitty; Miss Mattie Mills James, escorted by Mr. Theodore Dowling Riley, Jr.; Miss Francis Brewer LaMotte, escorted by Mr. Charles Parks Riley; Miss Mary A. Malanuk, escorted by Mr. Andrew Michael Mason; Miss Constance Wilbourne McCants, escorted by Mr. Alexandre Thomas Postic; Miss Elizabeth Harper Rickenmann, escorted by Mr. Michael Clarke Schraibman.

Seated at the head table were Mr. William Childs Cantey III, President, and Mrs. Cantey; Mr. Carroll Jones DuBose, Jr., Vice President, and Mrs. DuBose; Mr. William Mace Haselden, Secretary-Treasurer, and Mrs. Haselden; Mr. Charles Frederick Williams Manning II, Past President and Debutante Announcer, and Mrs. Manning; Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews, Director of the Debutante Figure, and Mr. Matthews. Also seated at the head table were Executive Committee Members Mr. Stephen David Searcy and Mrs. Searcy, Mr. Robert Cleland FitzSimons, Mr. Blake Edmunds III, and Mrs. Edmunds, and Mr. Alfred Arrington Johnston Cox and Mrs. Cox.

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