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Quirky Crimes in the Capital City



Forest Acres

Carlyle Circle: Police were called to a home at 11: 30 a. m. Tuesday after a landscaping team reported someone had stolen gas from their site. The two landscapers, who were also witnesses, told the reporting officers they had taken a break and were sitting down a short distance away when two men pulled up in a four-door sedan and grabbed a five-gallon jug of gas and then fled the scene. They said there was no license plate on the sedan, and the men were of average height with dark hair.

Forest Drive: Police were called to a business at 9 a. m. Tuesday after an employee said he was being threatened by phone. The employee told the responding officers his ex- girlfriend’s husband was continuously calling him at work and on Tuesday morning, he had received four phone calls from the man and the caller had threatened the employee with bodily harm each time. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to prosecute, but he wanted to make a report, he said. t Trenholm Road: A neighbor went to police headquarters at 11 p.m. Sunday after she said her elderly neighbor was afraid someone was in her home and trying to harm her. The woman said her neighbor had run to her home begging her to call police because people had broken into her home and wouldn’t leave. The neighbor did call police, and officers did show up, but there was no one in the home. The 85-year-old woman living there told the officers she was hearing the people now, but the officers heard nothing. The woman’s daughter was notified, and she told officers she would come over. She said her mother had a history of dementia, and this sort of thing had happened before. t Trenholm Road: A woman came to police headquarters with a baby at 11 p.m. Saturday saying the child’s mother had left him with her for what was supposed to be “ just a couple of hours” and had been gone all day. The 20- year-old woman told the officers the baby’s mother was a neighbor and an “acquaintance,” and when she asked her to watch the child while she went to see her family the woman said OK. When the mother didn’t return and the baby was crying out of hunger, the woman said there was “nothing” in the mother’s house for the child to eat. She said she retrieved what food she could from her place but because the mother had not left a car seat, she couldn’t go get anything. The neighbor said this wasn’t the first time the mother had left the child with her for what was supposed to be a short time and ended up being a day or so. She said this time she “had” to be at work, and she didn’t know what to do with the baby, so she called the police. The mother was upset when the officer contacted her, and she was angry the neighbor had gotten them involved. She told the officer she had had “car trouble,” and she would be back by 5 a. m., so the woman keeping the child could go to work. Since this was a recurring incident, police felt it was necessary to document it and possibly do welfare checks on the child.

Linbrook Drive: A woman called police at 9 p.m. Sunday after she said a man was demanding she pay him for cutting her grass. The 31-year-old woman told officers the man had been coming to her door off and on for the past few weeks and offering to cut her grass for a fee. She said he said he was homeless and just wanted to earn some money, but since she didn’t know him, she declined his offer. On Sunday, she had been out of town and returned to find her lawn cut and the 54- year- old man confronted her and told her she owed him $45 for mowing her lawn. She refused to pay him as she said she never agreed to let him do the work. She said the man became angry and belligerent during a verbal argument so that’s when she called police. The responding officers told the man the situation was a civil matter and not a police matter but the woman, who said she didn’t want any more contact with the man, asked he be formally trespassed from her property. The officers explained to him he could no longer come to the woman’s home, or he would be charged with trespassing after notice, and he agreed to stay away.

Richland County

Covenant Road: A man was hospitalized at 10 a.m. Tuesday after he voluntarily called EMS for help. The man had previously called police several times in the past few days to report people were trying to kill him. Police responded each time, and each time the man said the culprits had run away. He said they had been “shining lights” in his windows, and he even pointed to areas while the officers were there and told them the “lights were flashing” then, but the officers never saw any light. At that time, the man denied he was “crazy” but admitted he was off his medication. He would not submit to a voluntary mental evaluation until Tuesday. At that time he said the harassment was still happening, and this time the “killers” were “using mind control,” so he needed help. He was taken to an emergency room and from there the organization assisting him with maintaining his meds was contacted as well.

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