A season lost

The first week in May is usually an exciting time for high school baseball, soccer, and softball teams, fans, and even sports writers as the new month brings on the beginning of the postseason. While some teams may be packing away their uniforms and gear, others are beginning the journey to their championship dreams. As May 2020 gets underway, there […]

Neighbors helping neighbors during pandemic

One of the greatest things about Columbia is neighbors care about neighbors, really. In times of trouble, Columbians rise to the occasion. Maybe trouble isn’t the right word to describe what folks are living through now but, however you couch it, many neighbors need help. Chris Blau, general manager at Backstreets Grill on Devine Street, saw the need and did […]

Political Cartoon

Why Preservation Matters to this city, county

While his wife drove, John Sherrer sat in the passenger seat and flipped. And flipped. He had on the floorboard a huge box full of photos negatives and a stunned expression on his face. “It took my breath away,” Sherrer said. “I was like, ‘You got to be kidding me.’” Sherrer is Historic Columbia’s director of cultural resources. And over […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia Augusta Highway: A man and woman were arrested at 8 p.m. Friday after a store employee spotted them in a fast food place inside the store. The employee knew the couple had previously been trespassed from the store for shoplifting, so he alerted the manager who then called the police. When the officers arrived, they found the couple […]

People seeking pets should be aware of online scams, says National Consumers League


Tell me more about pet scammers and online fraud. There’s no greater comfort than the companionship of a pet in both good times and bad. With people sheltering in place with time on their hands, many want to welcome a pet into their homes, especially now that they can provide the attention necessary for a new arrival. If you are […]

Haircuts, Life Lessons, and Rules

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I’ve mentioned this before, but I ran away from home at 13 over a haircut. This memory materialized recently after realizing my hair needs assistance. Because of social distancing, I can’t visit Mary Anne for my regular monthly trim. Her shop is closed and I can’t arrange a black market haircut since I don’t have her personal number. As it […]

Mother’s Day 2020

I’m just saying...

This Mother’s Day is going to be very different with the virus and all the lockdowns. Instead of all the crowded restaurants and packed eateries, this year, if you meet at all, it will be only a handful of people and it will take place in someone’s back yard. There will probably be masks and the obligatory six-feet of social […]

Masking the issue of road trips


I had to venture into North Carolina over the weekend, and it didn’t take long for me to realize travel— even a short trip—is very different in the current COVID crisis. An issue right out of the gate is finding a decent pit stop. Thankfully, rest areas are still open, but they don’t help much once you’re off the interstate. […]

State representatives and local governments work together for River District wayfinding signage

South Carolina Senator Nikki Setzler and South Carolina Representative Micah Caskey secured funding of almost $200,000 in December of 2019 for wayfinding signage for the River Districts of the City of West Columbia and the City of Cayce. Throughout West Columbia and Cayce’s River Districts, approximately 30 signs directing visitors to local attractions, are being installed. The signage will highlight […]