Family inspires local author

When Columbia resident Chuck Walsh found out in 2004 his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he was devastated, but he wanted to do something that would honor her. He thought he would write about their lives together… his boyhood adventures, his love of baseball, and even the not so pleasant family memories when his father wrestled with a […]

Columbia Marine tests ship

Residents are responsible for the sewer lines from their home to the city connection

This week Columbia Water will begin sending notifications to customers who have defective or broken sewer lateral lines. As part of its Clean Water 2020 initiative, Columbia Water has been inspecting its sanitary sewer lines and undertaking maintenance and replacement of aging sewer infrastructure. During these inspections, Columbia Water staff and contractors have also discovered defects in privately owned sewer […]

Cemetery tour season is here

Springtime means there will be many new beginnings throughout town, and here at Historic Columbia it brings the start of Cemetery Tour season. Historic Columbia has been partnering with Elmwood Cemetery for over ten years to put on monthly tours of the cemetery on the second Thursday of the month, from April through October. Two tours are offered each month: […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: A woman was arrested at 2 p.m. Tuesday after a loss prevention officer in a department store saw her trying to steal a designer wallet. As the security officer watched on the surveillance camera, the 18-year-old woman went to the handbag section of the store and picked up a purse. She then went to the near- […]

Opposed to newsprint tariff

There are two things to know about newspapers. Newspapers are important to community life and democracy. Always have been. We at the National Newspaper Association think it is important for all sorts of newspapers to survive for the sake of a free society—the very large and the very small ones, the liberal ones, the conservative ones, the middle-of-the-road ones, the […]

Biggest myths of college saving

A Future Scholar 529 college savings plan is the best way to save for future higher education expenses. Opening an account early and making contributions as often as possible will give you the best opportunity to achieve your savings goals. Unfortunately, misconceptions about 529 savings plans often deter parents from getting a head start on saving, so we’ve set out […]

Spring cleaning and decluttering


Now that spring cleaning season has arrived, do you have some tips on decluttering? Joshua Becker’s website is a favorite source for many who want tips on simplifying their lives. He offers ten creative ways from various sources to declutter your home: 1. Consider the five-minute rule. Leo Babauta at has 18 different 5-minute decluttering tips. Pick one […]

The end of male usefulness

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I expect to hear news of Rush Limbaugh’s head exploding at any moment. I read a story last week that is sure to bring his blood pressure to unacceptable levels; maybe beyond the limits of his medium size skull and thin skin. According to the news story which I’m assuming is real—it didn’t come from Facebook, Breitbart, or Info Wars—a […]

Flushing Technology

I’m just saying...

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been finding myself in a state of constant confusion lately. It’s all this technology we’ve surrounded ourselves with! No one asked me, but if they did, I’d tell them it’s all just too much! From self-driving cars to self-flushing toilets, we are just becoming TOO dependent on machines! And it doesn’t always […]