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Quirky Crimes in the Capital City



Forest Acres

Forest Drive: A woman was arrested at 2 p.m. Tuesday after a loss prevention officer in a department store saw her trying to steal a designer wallet. As the security officer watched on the surveillance camera, the 18-year-old woman went to the handbag section of the store and picked up a purse. She then went to the near- by ladies’ accessories area and chose several wallets she tried to fit into the purse. After several failed tries, she found a wallet that slipped easily into the purse she had chosen earlier. She then removed the price tag from the chosen wallet and slipped it into her coat pocket. She returned the purse to the rack she had gotten it from and then proceeded to exit the store. She was detained by the security officer who asked her to empty her pockets. She complied but denied stealing the wallet. She told the security officer the wallet was hers, and she had brought it with her into the store. There was another price tag inside the wallet, and the zippers on the coin slot and money slip were both still in plastic. She finally admitted she had stolen the wallet and was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Trenholm Road: A man walked into police headquarters at noon Wednesday to report he was being harassed and threatened by phone by another man who “claimed” the first man owed him money. The 38-year-old alleged victim told officers the caller had contacted him numerous times about a $1,200 debt the caller said was owed to him. The man never denied owing the caller the money, but he said the lender was “not only harassing” him about the debt but he had begun contacting the man’s parents and siblings and most recently, his cousin, who lives out of town. The man said he “didn’t want to press charges at this time,” but he was hoping the police could talk to the caller and convince him to stop the incessant phone calls.

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