Brewing up innovation during pandemic

In April of 2020, several articles came out in both The State Newspaper and The Post and Courier that warned of possible closures of many craft breweries in South Carolina due to coronavirus shutdowns and mandates. For those people who like craft beer and for these small businesses, the shutdown period was a difficult time, and for some breweries, it […]

Climb to success

Have you ever driven by someone doing a job and thought to yourself, could I do that? For tree climber/tree trimmer, Chris Baker of Chino Tree service, the answer was yes. Baker has been climbing and trimming trees for more than 20 years. “I think this is the tallest tree I’ve ever climbed. I think it’s around 100 feet plus […]

UofSC College of Pharmacy develops saliva-based COVID test

Students returned to UofSC amid the pandemic with a mix of online and in-person courses. The questions for all returning students, faculty, and staff are: “Is it safe to return to campus, classes, and dorms during this time of lockdowns, face-masks, and social distancing? Will all these people be safe from COVID-19? Will the current methods of testing, which can […]

A Hero On and Off The Battlefields—Part Two of a series about Bishopville native, Major James Capers Jr.

In the 1970s, he was the face of the Marines. Literally. The first black man to be a part of a Marine recruiting campaign, his photo was plastered on billboards, posters, brochures, and ads. Other soldiers stood in the background, all in their dress blues, but James Capers Jr. was the focus. Here’s what Americans didn’t see. Capers had been […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia Augusta Road: Police were called to a home at 2 a.m. Tuesday after a woman said she and her husband awakened to the sound of breaking glass. As she called the police, her husband went to investigate the noise, she heard her husband yelling. She went out into the kitchen to find her husband yelling at a strange […]

Bankruptcy venue reform

The Wall Street Journal recently reported distressed companies are leasing office space in White Plains, New York for the sole purpose of establishing venue there for their soon to be filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The practice, known as “forum shopping”, is strictly prohibited in all other federal courts but is widely used by companies preparing to file bankruptcy because […]

Nuf Sed

Sir Thomas of Winston, the AristoCAT, on duty guarding his estate.

Highly contagious canine parvovirus has spiked nationally, so veterinary care is crucial, says local doctor


With many people getting new puppies during the pandemic, national veterinary groups have seen an increase in the contagious canine parvo virus, so conscientious pet care is crucial, says Dr. Erin Trimmier of Columbia’s Ambassador Animal Hospital, a member of the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association, which recently reported on the spread of the virus. “Luckily, we have not personally […]

Dealing with English

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Irregardless is now in the dictionary. This will surprise many folks— some thought it already was a word, others, primarily language Nazis, argued against its legitimacy for decades. So, irregardless of your feelings, irregardless is now officially a word. English has always been a confusing and controversial language. With diverse roots and colloquial expressions making up a substantial share of […]

Not all stairways go to heaven

I’m just saying...

Maaaarrrty…I don’t know what to write about this weeeek…” I was whining to my husband over the weekend about coming up with an idea for my column. “Well Julia…why don’t you tell them about… ” He came up with several stories but most weren’t “proper” for publication. He did, however, get me to remember a few tales from when I […]