Booker T. Washington class of 1969 celebrates 50 years

Booker T. Washington High School, class of 1969, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a luncheon at Villa Tronco. Joe Roache hosted the lunch, and the class celebrated with him since he also graduated in 1969 but from Cardinal Newman. Pictured (l–r) are David Wadsworth, Willa Martin Bailey, Charlie Edmonds, Joe Roache, Bernice Murray, Lonetta Brawley, and Harriet Williams.

Cruise to Cuba… destination unknown

Local chef Francois Fisera recently embarked on a birthday trip to Cuba. He and his family were packing their car at 5 a.m., excited to begin this adventure. As they drove down I-95, they eagerly anticipated the cruise ahead of them. At the terminal the Fiseras were greeted by their concierge. They began to relax as they made their way […]

Local mystery writers’ conference features award-winning author

The Palmetto Chapter of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, Southeastern Chapter hosted “Mystery in the Midlands” at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Saturday, June 22. The conference featured panel discussions and lectures presented by published authors of mystery novels and short stories. Topics discussed included choosing a setting and point of view, the road to publication, and the […]

Matilda Arabella Evans: Columbia City of Women’s July Honoree

In July 1930, Matilda Arabella Evans, M. D. opened the Columbia Clinic Association, the city’s first free clinic for African American children. Expecting to receive just 150 to 200 people seeking vaccinations, instead the clinic’s staff immediately found themselves overwhelmed—700 people sought treatment on the very first day. They crowded the basement of Zion A.M.E. Church and the street outside, […]

It’s time to be alarmed about our pension system debt

A school in Colorado Springs, Colorado was shuttered. In Three Rivers, Oregon, the school board shortened the school year five days and laid off employees. Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, will no longer have police stationed in them under a city budget pending approval this week—a plan which would also close two libraries and cut 88 jobs. The city of Harvey, […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County Bethel Church Road: A man was arrested at 5 p.m. Monday and charged with squatting, or staying uninvited in empty apartments in an apartment complex. The arresting officers had been out on another call when the complex manager approached them to ask if they could help him “get rid of” someone who had been staying in various empty […]

Nuf Sed

South Carolina Summers: Peaches, Tomatoes, Tea, and Sunshine


What are the signs of summer in South Carolina? We know for sure summer has arrived in South Carolina when vine-ripened tomatoes, freestone peaches and sweet sun tea by the gallon pitcher show up. And of course, summer solstice on June 21 signals the official start of summer, but astronomers and agriculturists will tell that the longest day of the […]

Cup Holders and Such

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I’ve noticed a new trend in automobile advertising. The major car companies have begun offering perks that don’t really do anything special. A recent Chevy ad shows a bunch of consumers a new feature on Chevy Trucks, and wows each and every one of them. That really smug guy who does all the Chevy ads these days is involved. You […]

Cable Calamities

I’m just saying...

Sometimes I think the world as we knew it is going to heck in a handbasket. I know I harp on this subject incessantly but there’s simply NOT enough human contact anymore! No matter what your problem is, you CANNOT reach a human being! It’s becoming RIDICULOUS!!! Pretty soon they are going to put a “hold” button on the suicide […]