Rosewood residents hear once more about cellphone tower

At a neighborhood meeting Monday, April 15 at the Boys and Girls Club, Rosewood area residents had one last opportunity to voice their opinions about a proposed cellphone tower at 3630 Rosewood Drive . Hellman, Yates, & Tisdale attorney Jonathan Yates, T-Mobile representative Mark Jackson, realtor Thomas Wingard, and other officials were on hand to discuss the cellphone tower and […]

Mom of three overcomes loss and graduates with honors

Fortis College in Columbia hosted its nurses pinning ceremony Friday, April 12 at the Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia. Perhaps no graduate was more appreciative of this milestone than Columbia resident Lacie Lybrand. A military wife and young mother, Lybrand began the associate degree in nursing program in 2017. On her first day of school, her mother was diagnosed […]

Columbia City of Women Initiative puts women on the map

Historic Columbia and WREN ( Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network) launched the Columbia City of Women initiative on Sunday, March 31—the last day of Women’s History Month. The event was held at the Columbia Museum of Art and City of Women announced 12 influential women honorees that it will celebrate in the next year. This project began locally with former […]

Together, we can do more on rideshare safety

Our hearts are still hurting as we mourn the loss of Samantha Josephson, a University of South Carolina student who was abducted and slain after getting into what she thought was an Uber. Samantha’s parents, Seymour and Marci Josephson, have applauded the state legislature’s proposal by Representatives Caskey & Rose to require Uber and Lyft drivers to display illuminated signs […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia James Street: Police were called to a home at 3:30 p.m. Saturday after neighbors saw two men fighting in a yard. When officers arrived on the scene, they were met by a man bleeding from his head and with a black eye. They asked him what happened and he told the officers he and his son got into […]

Nuf Sed

Don’t fall for fake cure claims—check with your health care provider instead


What about those ads for supplements to treat various diseases? Remember the adage if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t? In our information age, we might hope so- called snake oil cures have become a relic of the past, but innocent people are being misled all the time in their quest for better health. From arthritis and […]

Modern Environmentalism

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I read a story last week that reminded me how much we’ve changed in my relatively short lifetime. Some baseball parents trying to dry a wet ball field in Ridgefield, Connecticut, unleashed a torrent of bad publicity, snowflake admonishment, and environmental catastrophe. Here’s the edited Facebook post. “A baseball game at Governor Park was delayed due to weather conditions this […]

Easter nests nixed

I’m just saying...

I miss the Easters of my youth. I used to love going shopping down town with my mother and getting our “Easter outfits” which always included hats, gloves, and new shoes. Mama would always buy Daddy a pastel colored shirt and a new tie to wear, Daddy would always buy Mama some flowers, and I would get a basket filled […]

The Mystery of Chicken and Waffles


I think I have some street cred when it comes to being a Southerner. I was born and raised here, but more importantly I think “Coke” pretty much covers everything in the soft drink genre, and I won’t drink tea unless it’s syrupy sweet and thoroughly iced. I fry everything from chicken to pickles to okra, and I know what […]