Professor’s book explores the effect of the women’s movement on partisan politics

Political rancor is as old as the American Republic. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were bitter enemies in the 1800 U.S. Presidential race. Jefferson branded Adams a fool and a hypocrite. Adams called Jefferson a coward and a libertine. Both thought better later and patched up their friendship. Andrew Jackson vowed sexual slurs against his wife, Rachel, during the 1828 […]

Historic Mill Village to unveil public monument

The Mill Villages of Granby, Olympia, and Whaley Street will unveil a monument designed to provide a larger than lifesized impression of the mill worker experience. The monument is located in the park on the corner of Whaley Street and Olympia Avenue. The unveiling ceremony will be held in conjunction with “Olympia Fest” activities. Visit www.olympiafest.com/. The Fales & Jenks […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County Two Notch Road: Several people have reported getting possible fraudulent phone calls from people claiming to be from the IRS or other agencies. The caller typically tells the person he/she owes money to the IRS, or they have won some sort of lottery or sweepstakes. In the event of saying the person won something, there is always a […]

The Reconstruction Era: History and Public Memory Symposium

Join University of South Carolina’s History Center and Historic Columbia April 21–22 for the first major public symposium on Reconstruction as part of the 150th commemoration of this era. South Carolina was the site of Reconstruction’s most not-able achievements and also the place where its provisions were most hotly and violently challenged. It is a place where public commemoration of […]

Floods and Families by Cathy Cobbs will return next week

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Act

My name is Mainaiya Myers. I am a member of the Ridge View High School Scholars Academy Magnet for Business and Law. For a year, my peers and I have been advocating for the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Act. We have contacted legislators to get this bill passed. We have made tremendous progress in our efforts. The bill has been […]


What is the Palmetto Trail?

The Palmetto trail is planned to be a 500 mile hiking and biking trail that goes from one end of South Carolina to the other. Some sections can be ridden on horseback. The trail is not yet finished, and it currently consists of 350 miles, 26 passages, ranging from 1.3 to 47 miles,and is only 150 miles from completion. It […]

Jesse James Dean

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Last week I ran into Jesse James Dean at the Cayce Wendy’s. I’m not sure whether that’s a given name or an alias. Either way, perfect moniker for the persona of Jesse James Dean, one of the most unique guys I’ve ever shared a Frosty with. His glasses are relics from 70s detective movies. I haven’t seen that style frame […]

Bathroom Bafflement

I’m just saying...

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, now there is a law in North Carolina about going to the bathroom. Basically, the law loosely states that a person must use the appropriate bathroom that matches with the gender on the person’s birth certificate. My question is who will check that out??? Will the good folks of North […]

Not meant for public consumption


My wife and I pulled off the road and immediately panicked. We were planning to have a nice evening sans children, but, as we approached the parking lot of the event we were attending, we quickly realized we may have been entering a world a bit “above our raisin’.” The lot was blocked by a sign that said, “Valet Parking.” […]