Two winners form forever friendship

When Columbia resident and avid Duke Blue Devils fan Kasey Moody received the news on Easter Sunday that a friend had found her tickets to the National Championship basketball game in Indiana between the Wisconsin Badgers and Duke, she was celebrating the holiday with her family in Columbia. Even though she now had the tickets, getting to the game presented […]

Artist devotes career to the art of healing

Heidi Darr-Hope believes healing from the trauma of a cancer diagnosis reaches beyond the medical treatments necessary to heal the body. She believes healing of the emotions, stress, and anxiety brought on from a battle with cancer is vital to helping cancer survivors fully recover. In 1995, Darr-Hope founded Healing Icons, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing workshops, art classes, […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Trenholm Road: A woman went into the police station at noon Friday to turn in a handgun she said belonged to her 73-year-old husband. The woman told officers her husband had ordered the weapon and received it in the mail. She said she wasn’t comfortable with him having it in the home, and she felt they “didn’t need […]

Historic Roofs

The most important element for the preservation of a historic house, or—for that matter—of any building, is the roof. As the primary element that shelters a building from rain, sun, and other weather, a deteriorated roof is the fastest way to ensure damage to and loss of the historic building materials and furnishings housed within. In addition to this primary […]

Appreciation for Spears article

Thank you so much for having the article on Wright Spears (April 10, 2015) and for putting the article and his picture on the front page. He was an amazing man, and his life and death are major news for Columbia, all of South Carolina, the worldwide United Methodist Church, the Lake Junaluska Assembly, the Alzheimer’s Association, and more. At […]


What is the paleo Diet?

The paleolithic diet is also called the paleo diet or the caveman diet. On this diet, people eat the food our human ancestors ate. From abut 2.5 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago, our ancestors ate a caveman diet. They did not practice agriculture or have domesticated animals. They ate what they could kill or what they could […]

Political Cartoon

The Language of Food

I’m just saying...

I’m beginning to think those quickie language lessons so popular among European travelers may soon have to add a food section for eating out. You know those companies that advertise they can teach you any language of your choosing in just a few “simple lessons?” They might want to add “Foods of the World” to their repertoire. Now, I don’t […]

Here’s a pre-paid phone card, call someone who cares

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

While visiting folks back home in Alabama recently, I heard the Travis Tritt gem, “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone who Cares.” For those who think country music means current stuff by Carrie Underwood and Big and Rich, Travis Tritt was a country outlaw several decades ago, when country music involved twanging guitars, soaring fiddles, and three chords and the truth, […]

Freezing for Fashion


As I sat in church this past Easter Sunday, I started to get an old familiar feeling. My face started to flush and get red and little beads of sweat dotted my forehead. It wasn’t the sermon or a spicy breakfast burrito making me glow. I was just hot. I was fanning myself with the bulletin like some 1920s parishioner […]