Art exhibit highlights issue of domestic violence

Alejandro Garcia- Lemos is a Colombian- American artist whose work is currently being displayed in the Columbia Museum of Art. His paintings are part of a series of other artwork by different artists in the community gallery that highlight the issue of domestic violence. The collection, Fuerza, is in association with the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual […]

Falcon 5K runners support Booster fund

Some 60 runners and walkers, plus many more roadside supporters, braved freezing Saturday morning temperatures November 15 to support the A.C. Flora Athletic Booster Club’s Flora Falcon 5K Fun Run. Students, parents, and faculty/staff participated in the race with the able assistance of Booster Club volunteers and JROTC members. The course started in front of the school, proceeded down Forest […]

Community angel honored by Central Carolina Community Foundation

The Columbia Star has watched with great anticipation the “coming of age” of the educational non- profit, Prosperity Project, led by an angel of the community, Michelle James, otherwise known as Mrs. Michelle. Mrs. Michelle’s shoes are hard to fill but she has over 50 volunteers who join with her each week to fight for the future of students living […]

Employee of the Month

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, November 16- 22

For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is an oppor tunity to reflect on the blessings of the past year. For thousands of people in Richland County, any opportunity to improve their situation from a life on the streets or in a shelter is a reason to give thanks. November 16-22 is National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness week. According to Valeria Jackson, […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tForest Drive: Police were called to a restaurant at 10 a.m. Wednesday after an employee discovered a refrigerator in the rear of the building had been badly damaged by an unknown object but what looked to have been a car. The walls of the refrigerator were bent inward, and produce and all of the foods inside were destroyed. […]

Christmas Traditions

If you were dropped into the middle of Christmas celebrations in 1860, the festivities would look awfully familiar. As you can see from this edition of Harper’s Weekly, many of the holiday practices we have come to consider traditional were already in place by the mid- 19th century. Festive Americans would decorate a tree, host and attend parties, get together […]

ALL About Golf

Use your lower body for power and direction. I was talking with some of my best students the other day about comparing the golf swing to other sports and natural physical movements. Collectively we confirmed the weight shift and trunk rotation are basic fundamentals in all speed sports. It is amazing to watch someone throw a ball overhanded or swing […]

The Columbia Curmudgeons

Dispensing frustration Dear Curmudgeons- Why is it always when it is time to change the tape in a dispenser, you can’t figure to how to open up the dagburn thing! -Dispenser Dummy Dear Dispenser Dummy- Is it “childproof?” We hate anything labeled “childproof.” They may as well call the things “senior proof.” Luckily, our grandkids can open them for us. […]


How do I dispose old cleaning products responsibly?

Typically household cleaning products do not contain ingredients that might harm the environment. Most products are water soluble and are formulated for safe disposal in home wastewater treatment systems or municipal systems. The first thing you should do is read the label and follow the directions there. If the label is missing, it is best to take the product to […]