Hanging in the balance

Best of S.C. Contemporary Dance Company comes to Township

On Thursday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Township Auditorium, the South Carolina Contemporary Dance Company will feature the most striking moments and excerpts of Miriam Barbosa’s choreography over the past 10 years. This choreographic work includes: • Catharsis— A collaboration between Miriam Barbosa and Visual Artist Marcelo Novo with contemporary tango by Piazzola. A work in three acts […]

Beneva Ouzts celebrates 90 years

Over 100 friends and family members helped Beneva Ouzts, widow of Bill Ouzts, celebrate her 90th birthday April 2, 2013. The event was held at the Garden Club Council of Greater Columbia’s building at Maxcy Gregg Park and was hosted by family and friends. Ninety years hasn’t slowed Beneva as she is still active with her church circle at Shandon […]

Mayor Benjamin announces he will seek reelection

At a press conference Monday, May 13, Mayor Steve Benjamin announced he will seek reelection. “I will focus clearly on what our community has accomplished so far and the positive things we can do in the months and years ahead.” Benjamin cited the reduction in crime, the budget surplus, and the increase in jobs for the successes over the past […]

Two women do something about their BRCA status

With the recent media coverage about the voluntary double mastectomy Angelina Jolie had, two women, one from Columbia— Bethanie Brown and the other, Julie Moon—speak out a-bout their journey with their BRCA status This story features two PREVIVORS: Julie Moon and Bethanie Brown. Julie Moon, is a 34 year old BRCA 1 positive breast cancer previvor. Julie wants other women […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia tGlenn Road: A 42-year-old man was arrested at 3 a.m. Sunday after his wife called police and said he attacked her in her sleep. The 30-year-old wife was standing in the drive-way when officers arrived. She was holding a bloody towel to her mouth and visibly upset. She told officers her husband had come home drunk and had […]

The Grumpy Old Man

To shave or not to shave… Dear Grumpy, As a society, we are obsessed with hair, longing and striving for thick lustrous locks… on our heads… but we don’t seem to want it anywhere else. I just want to know WHO decided it was necessary for hygiene and proper grooming for women to shave their legs? Who made up this […]

Historic Columbia

For the past two weeks’ artifact spotlights, Historic Columbia Foundation has celebrated Historic Preservation Month by focusing on aspects of our past that speak to the skills and interests of 19th-century citizens of Columbia and Richland County. This week’s link is another testament to the skills of our forebears and a weighty subject to ponder. Once an integral element many […]

Canine lovers turn out for Dining with Dogs

On Tuesday evening April 30, 2013, Columbia citizens continued their annual hosting of Columbia Police Department’s K-9 Team at the Pupcakes and Mr. Friendly’s Dining with Dogs event. Last year, the first six K- 9 pairs were hosted. This year, there were new dogs who have recently joined the team. The dogs and their handlers were joined by CPD Capt. […]

Working dogs do get time off

Across the centuries, dogs bred to work have been as s igned var ious jobs. While there are dogs working in rural and agricultural areas, and farms across the country even today, mos t people encounter ing working dogs in urban areas will see them working wi th people with vision problems, mobility problems, and other hidden wounds. Dogs also […]

SSGt Dave Long speaks at Dining for Dogs

SSgt David Long, who suffers from Post Traumatic Syndrone, came to our attention when he and his service dog were not allowed in a convenient store in South Carolina in March. Long spoke at the Dining for Dogs event April 30. He said Harry was placed with him by Puppies Behind Bars, the organization that arranged and supervised Harry’s training. […]