Homeless to high heels

A localwoman’s journey to Charleston Fashion Week

While most of us are waking up and preparing for the day, Kiara Cancer is just getting off work from Palmetto Health and preparing to be at her second job at Aflac by 8 a.m. Although tired, she keeps a smile on her face as she looks forward to her biggest moment yet— modeling in Charleston Fashion Week. “There’s a […]

Lizard’s Thicket makes community within restaurant for 35 years

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since Lizard’s Thicket converted a five-room house on Broad River Road and started serving its signature country cooking in three small dining rooms. The person it most surprises is company chairman Bobby Williams, who said the original goal of his fledgling enterprise “was just to be a part of the community.” […]

Community clean-up drives out drug “market-place”

On January 26, 2013, a multi-disciplinary team from the Richland County area will host a “workday” at the Four Seasons Apartment Complex located at 2807 School House Road between Pinehurst Park and the Columbia Christian Fellowship Church. The assembled team, with U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles in the lead, plans to implement the Drug Market Intervention (DMI) program to help resolve […]

Time to talk about guns

Never had a gun in my home. Never bought a gun in my life. Never feared for my life, but recently I have pondered whether I would shoot a sick 20-year-old in defense of my own life. Absolutely certain that I would shoot that person in defense of children. Never feared for my life; never been closely involved in a […]

The Reason the Second Amendment is Unalienable

For introducing legislation to permit teachers and administrators to come to the armed defense of our children, S.C. House Representative Phillip Lowe – District 60 (Darlington & Florence) is to be roundly applauded. As laudable as Representative Lowe’s bill is, it is regrettable legislation must be proposed to secure the right to protect children in the first place. In Washington, […]

I-95 is a disgrace

Over the past five years, I have traveled I-95 from Florence to Savannah, and the condition of that highway is a disgrace. One has to constantly encounter potholes, huge long cracks, and uneven and broken pavement. I travel that highway at least two times per year and have yet to see any repairs or improvements. I realize highways are costly […]

Tell student about Columbia

Dear Letter to the Editor: I am a fourth grade student at Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, N.J. Our class is learning about the states and capitals. I would like to learn more about what it is like to live in Columbia, S.C. proper. If any of your readers would like to write a letter to me telling me about […]

History comes to life in new column


The South Carolina Military Museum is excited to write a monthly column detailing the many interesting facts, anecdotes, and even legends that permeate this state’s illustrious military history. From the emblems that actually adorn our flag ( Hint: That’s not a crescent moon!) to the key role South Carolina’s 118th Infantry Regiment played in ending WWI, the pool of knowledge […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tForest Drive: Police were called to a restaurant at 1 p.m. on Sunday after employees said a man threatened another man in an odd way. Witnesses said that while a patron was eating his meal with a female friend, another man came in and began scowling at the couple, especially at the male. The newly arrived man never […]

S.C. NAACP and S.C. NAMI join together for King Day at the Dome

Over a thousand people gathered on the lawn of the S. C. State House to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., and to watch together the Inauguration Ceremonies for President Barack H. Obama. This was to focus on an issue that has come into the forefront of national discussion—the mental health crisis in our nation. The S. C. […]