Bank battles Barclay

Almost any kid you ask knows the Bible story of David and Goliath where the young future King David goes up against Goliath, the ninefoot tall Philistine giant that has the rest of the Israelite army cowering in fear. David goes into battle wearing just his tunic and carrying only a sling shot and a pouch full of stones. Goliath […]

Minister uses the pen to heal

Bob Walkup, also known to some as Robert Walkup, is a product of that glorified period of Americana, post-World War II, small town America; an intact family, two parents, one full-time homemaker, two siblings, a car in the driveway, every Sunday family church attendance, and food in the fridge. The food would never be eaten without the perfunctory blessing or […]

Payroll tax hike is a symptom of runaway federal spending

Most of us will be seeing our 2013 paychecks shrink, but don’t blame the boss. Your take-home pay is shrinking because of a federal tax hike on your earnings. It’s a hike in Social Security taxes that was part of a recent late-night fix in Washington supposedly to protect us from plunging off the “fiscal cliff.” People shouldn’t feel much […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County tBethel Church Road: Police are on the look-out for a man in his early to mid-thirties after that man boldly walked into a gas station convenience store at 7 a.m. Monday and walked out with three 18-packs of beer. The thief had a partner who thoughtfully parked directly in front of the store, so the clerk and the […]

Liberal activist to be installed as minister of Unitarian Universalist Congregation

The Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones will be officially installed as the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia (UUCC) during a special service on Sunday, January 27, at 4 p.m. The congregation is located in Shandon at 2701 Heyward Street. Though Rev. Jones has been serving as the congregation’s minister for the last eight years, the UUCC is […]

PAALS helps local veterans

PAALS, Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services, is finding new ways to help serve local veterans through a new initiative called the V.I.P. program or Veterans’ Important PAALS. The V.I.P. program will incorporate qualified rescue dogs that have passed a temperament test to be a part of the Prison PAALS program for the majority of their training. If a dog cannot […]

Zumbathon to assist local man awaiting double transplant

It’s a new year, and Ken Stevenson of Columbia hopes it’s an extra special one, as he’s awaiting a lifesaving transplant. In 2009, Stevenson, 49, began having issues with his blood pressure, and his health worsened until he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. Although doctors don’t know why, he has also developed pulmonary fibrosis, and a lung/kidney transplant is […]

Political Cartoon

For the Love of a Hamster

I’m just saying...

Recently I wrote a column about how my husband thinks I spoil our dog and cats. An old friend/roommate read it and emailed me he totally agreed with Marty, and he remembered when we were roommates how I had spoiled “that damned hamster.” His name was Fido, and he was my friend. I loved the little guy, and no matter […]

Goldendoodles lead us Astray

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

The bumper sticker required a second glance. I love my Goldendoodle. I understand people will spend hard-earned money distancing themselves from the huddled masses, reaching to any level to establish a unique distinction of any kind, but this is extreme. Claiming superiority because of dog choice is a fairly common, if ineffective way to achieve bumper sticker separation. Still it’s […]