Parade of pictures comes to Main Street

With the relocation of the Nickelodeon Theatre to its new Main Street building finally coming to fruition, naturally, everyone wants to throw a party. But this event has a little twist – it will be a mobile party, specifically a parade. On October 4, in conjunction with First Thursday, the Nick will celebrate its new location at 1607 Main Street […]

Community activists honored

Sam Davis, Columbia City Councilman, and Ellen Fishburne Triplett, president of the Hyatt Park/Keenan Terrace Neighborhood Association will host a formal dedication of the Henry Hopkins/Bill Manley Conference Room on Friday, August 31, 2012, at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of Monticello Road and Main Street. The conference room (formerly referred to as the “Town Hall Meeting Room” was renamed […]

Reader says Colorado gunman is criminally insane

Julia Rogers Hook’s article rekindles the discussion about criminals that “might be” mentally ill, along with the issue of unregulated bulk ammunition sales and automatic weapon ownership. I would classify the Colorado perpetrator’s premeditated behavior as “criminally insane.” Currently, we warehouse the criminally insane, feed them, house them, provide medical care, then comes the inevitable book deals, the movie, and […]

Give Julia Rogers Hook a big hug

Dear Mike and other staff members at The Columbia Star, One of the main reasons I LOVE The Columbia Star and dislike The State newspaper is that you allow the “truth” to be written regardless of who you might offend….I am so tired of having worthy opinions of great writers swept under the rug because of the “minority” it might […]

Let’s call the shooters what they are…cowards

Regarding Julia Rogers Hook’s column of July 27, I think she was dismayed and heartbroken for her fellow man and simply venting what many people feel: that duly convicted murderers should be dealt with swiftly and publicly as both punishment to the murderer and deterrent to future bullies. That brings to mind how things were handled in the old West. […]

Administer justice immediately

While public hangings may be a bit over the top, Julia Rogers Hook makes a good point. The notoriety of the killer is for a lifetime. The press (it sells) and the public’s most base qualities make it so. Manson is a good living example of her point on notoriety, television, and Hollywood. As to the mental health complaints, it […]

Don’t kill the messenger

First, I think Julia Rogers Hook is a terrific writer, and I love her columns. I also loved her column about the Aurora shooter. I agree with her that our society has gone way too far to protect the rights of mass murderers. It’s understandable that some of your readers want to defend the mentally ill. We all have a […]

Only gun control should come from a steady hand

I read Ms. Hook’s article on the theater shooting in Colorado. I also read the response by Ken and Sylvia Howell. I strongly disagree with Ms. Hook’s wanting to keep hanging private. I think it should be televised so anyone who thinks of committing such a horrific act will think twice when he or she sees what it REALLY looks […]

CMRTA and Veolia must spend tax dollars wisely

The CMRTA has refused, on numerous occasions, to disclose how it currently spends “our” tax dollars. We are now being asked to increase the sales tax 29% of which will to give the CMRTA and Veolia (the bus management company) $300 million tax dollars over the next 22 years to be spent with no accountability to the taxpayers or to […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tForest Drive: A 43-year-old woman was arrested at 5 p.m. Sunday after she tried to steal two purses worth almost $500 from a store. Witnesses told officers the woman was looking at the purses and then chose two of them. She then walked over to the clothing section and picked out several outfits and made her way to […]