Ben Franklin visits Kiwanis

Museum’s “Pirates” to sail away January 3

After months of looting, laughing, and capturing the imaginations of Palmetto State citizens, the South Carolina State Museum’s immensely popular blockbuster exhibit Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers will weigh the anchor and sail into the sunset—or, rather, the sunrise, since we’re on the east coast—on January 3. “This has been a very well–received exhibit, and it’s a small wonder,” said Chief Curator of […]

Museum Road Show roars back January 15

Was that oil painting you found in the attic the early work of Andrew Wyeth? Is the antique silver teapot and sugar tongs left to you by great–aunt Mildred valuable colonial coin silver or silver plate? Will your collection of vintage Kewpie dolls finance your son’s college education? Curious guests will have their chance to find out about all kinds […]

Teamwork pulls together 11 counties

Besides his mayor’s hat at the Lexington Town Hall, Randy Halfacre also wears the CEO’s hat at the Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce. Both hats help as Halfacre chains together all the South Carolina mid–state partnerships he needs to move his priorities forward. Next in line is the state’s League of Mayors, a gathering of municipal CEOs regardless of the […]


Municipal Association agenda The Municipal Association’s agenda for the 2011–2012 legislative session includes four statewide priorities: (1) Update the state’s annexation laws to allow flexibility in annexing property surrounded by a city or a town. (2) Allow municipal residents to vote on a capital project sales tax to fund specific projects when the county has decided not to pursue the […]

Folks about town

Richland School District Two’s, Robin Hardy, assistant principal of Dent Middle School in Columbia, SC, has been named the 2011 Middle School Assistant Principal of the Year by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators. Richland School District Two’s, Dr. Gregory Owings, principal of Spring Valley High School, has been named the 2011 South Carolina High School Principal of the […]

Chris Crawford of Bonefish Grill returns from Operation Feeding Freedom VIII

Chris Crawford, Joint Venture Partner for Bonefish Grill, recently completed a trip to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan as a volunteer with Operation Feeding Freedom VIII, an annual mission sponsored by OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC. Crawford, from the Columbia area, joined 27 other OSI volunteers from around the country who brought United States and Coalition Forces a taste of home. This year’s […]

Lt. Governor Bauer Awards Permanent Improvement Program Grant to Capital Senior Center in Columbia

Lt. Governor André Bauer presented the Capital Senior Center with a grant of $112,000 from the Permanent Improvement Program. The grant will be used to make renovations to the 16–year–old facility located adjacent to Maxcy Gregg Park near Columbia’s Five Points community. The Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging instituted a competitive grant process for PIP funds that requires a minimum […]


It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Memories of Christmas

The Woman Whose Garbage I’m Responsible For used to buy whiskey and a carton of cigarettes for her grandfather at Christmas. In those days anyone could purchase cigarettes, but she had to find an accomplice to get the booze. Talk about learning proper gift giving at an early age. I knew there was a reason I was attracted to her. […]