Pineville, a historic refuge

Part 20: The Fever of 1833

During the War of American Independence, most of the plantation homes along the Santee River were sacked and burned by the British or the Tories. After the war, these homes were rebuilt and new plantations were established. In 1793, Pineville was founded by Capt. James Sinkler as a summer refuge for the planters of the Santee region and merchants from […]

I now pronounce you… TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!

The music starts, the people stand, the doors open, and the mouths hit the floor. The bride is totally unrecognizable because she decided to look like someone else on the biggest day of her life. Girl has scoured through pages of wedding magazines for ideas on how to wear her hair and do her makeup. However, Girl must remember how […]

Thirty-something speaks

Burn those male- bashing novels

The only thing bad about vacations is eventually they have to come to an end, otherwise how would you pay for them? Please forgive me if the tone of this article is a bit melancholy, but it’s Sunday night and I just got back from an incredibly relaxing and genuinely fun- filled week at the beach with the wife and […]

Shopping with somebody else’s credit card

Editor’s Note: This week’s episode begins in Prescott, Arizona, according to a report from the Associated Press. Daisy is squeezing tomatoes in the produce section of her favorite super market while her purse sleeps soundly behind her in a shopping cart. Ever seen anything like this before? Elwood takes advantage of the situation and puts Daisy’s purse in his basket, […]

It’s not a criticism, it’s an observation.

Killer weed wipes out white women

Near Independence Day, Al Gore Jr. was caught speeding in California and a subsequent search found marijuana in his car. Gore pled guilty to drug possession and promised to complete a drug diversion program in exchange for a clean record. The speeding charge was lost in the shuffle. Lucky for the Gore family pot possession isn’t as damaging as it […]


Richland Post 6 Pathfinders are State Champs!!!

Game 5 • August 6, 2:25 pm Gaffney 2 Richland 6 It was about 100º at Winthrop University Monday August 6, but it took a little while for the Richland Post 6 Pathfinders bats to warm up against Gaffney Post 109 in the S.C. American Legion State Championship game. The Pathfinders scored five runs in the bottom of the eighth […]

Teachers learn about S.C.’s second biggest industry

Four Richland County educators are ready to start the school year with a greater appreciation for agriculture and are better equipped to teach their students about the sources of their food, fiber, and forestry products. Sandy Frazier of Alcorn Middle, Leigh Suarez of St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Jane Carlson and Kristi Schrader, both of St. Peter’s Catholic School, recently […]

The Star’s Garden of the Week

Features of Peggy Charles's garden in Blythewood

The Original Mystery Plant

The Mystery Plant belongs to the mint family, which in botanical- ese is called the Labiatae, or, just as proper, the Lamiaceae. The first of these family names is by far the older, known from antiquity. The word Labiatae refers to the presence of a flower with lips, as in an upper lip and a lower lip. Practically everything in […]