ANIMALS Pets in the Park at North Springs Park, 1320 Clemson Road, will be Sat., April 14, 10 am- 1 pm. Contact Cynthia Robinson, 754-7275, ext. 218. Lexington County will sponsor a rabies clinic Sat., April 14, 9- 11 am at Lexington High School and Sat., April 21, 1- 3 pm at the Life Long Learning Center. Vaccinations are $3. […]


This boat is expendable

As a journalist, Robert was a frequent flyer, mostly around western Europe. Being multilingual, he’d become adept at making friends during flights around the continent. One fellow traveler of special interest was a British marine architect named Archie. During lunch one day months later in Paris, Archie tells Robert about an unusual assignment. His client has a high- speed ocean- […]

It’s not a criticism, it’s an observation.

Adults are too stupid to make decisions

Mike Cox Feelings in way more keys than is necessary, this has to be good news. But alas, it wasn’t what it seemed. Lilburn has already banned billiards and other party games. The trouble isn’t pool or karaoke, it’s bars. According to the mayor, the city just wants to get rid of drinking establishments. His Honor Jack Bolton isn’t against […]

Nuf sed

Every quarter, Columbia City Council meets in the evening at a district venue like Woodland Park Wednesday, April 4. The purpose is to get to the people near their homes so they will attend council meetings. The picture above shows how well the idea is working.


Dunston delivers for the Falcons

Photos and Story By Mike MaddockMike@TheColumbiaStar.com The Ben Lippen Falcons celebrated their 3- 2 eight inning win against the visiting Hammond Skyhawks Tuesday, April 10 by running sprints in right field. When asked about the sprints, Ben Lippen head coach Brent Walsh said, “We’re working. Whether we’re winning, whether we’re playing great, we can always get better. Whether we’re successful […]

EdVenture’s students storm Atlanta

By John Temple LigonTemple@TheColumbiaStar.com EdVenture Children’s Museum, the South’s largest, manages afternoon classes and school programs. One is partially funded by the Knight Foundation, as in the former Knight- Ridder newspaper company. Known as the Future Leaders Knight Program, a group of 32 students from two middle schools in Richland School District One, Gibbes and Sanders, rode a coach to […]

Who lit Rebecca Motte’s fire?

By Warner M. MontgomeryWarner@TheColumbiaStar.com The Siege of Ft. Motte (May 8- 12, 1781) was a signal event in the American Revolution. On March 31, 2007, the characters, the sounds, and the sights of that battle between the Patriots of Gen. Francis Marion and the Redcoats of Lt. McPherson came alive thanks to the Congaree Trust and the Wannamakers of Calhoun […]

Pineville, a historic refuge Part 4: Plantations and People

- Thomas Walters

By Warner M. MontgomeryWarner@TheColumbiaStar.com By 1800, there were over 30 plantations along the River Road (now S.C. Hwy 45) between St. Stephens and Eutaw Springs. Most were about 300- 400 acres though some were over 2,000 acres. These farmlands ran from the road to the Santee River. Major plantations and their early owners were Belle Isle (Marion), Bluford (Williams), Buck […]

My Encounter with America

Part 12: Moscow: Not like other cities

By Zadok Ekimwere zomwere@hotmail.comI. I visited Moscow in the summer of 1988 courtesy of the Associated Press News Agency (APN) in Kampala. I guess because I had been to many countries in the West, the APN bureau chief sought to balance my international outlook (read: Neutralize My Capitalist Outlook ) by offering me a visit to his country, which was […]

Carolina Wildlife care allows public to connect with nature

Contributed byCarolina Wildlife For one weekend only, Carolina Wildlife Care is opening its doors to the public for a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a wildlife rehabilitation center. The Wildlife Baby Shower provides visitors a unique opportunity to watch as tiny, orphaned wildlife patients are fed and cared for by staff and volunteers. A special “Breakfast with the […]