Quit punishing honest people with unfair taxes

It’s a shame when common sense fails to find its way into government policy.  Everyone knows that crime should be punished and hard work should be rewarded. Why then do we have a federal tax system designed to do just the opposite? Every year billions of illegally earned dollars evade being taxed. And yet, those same dollars are used to […]

Columbia City Council Meeting • December 14, 2005 • 9 am

Roll call City council convened its work session Wednesday morning, December 14, at 9. Anne Sinclair and Sam Davis were absent, and Hamilton Osborne was running a few minutes late. Present were Tameika Isaac Devine, E. W. Cromartie, Mayor Bob Coble, and Daniel Rickenmann. City year Behrad Mahdi, manager for external affairs and development, brought council up to date on […]

Under the Tuscan Spell

Part 25: Gypsy pickpockets

When we began our tour of the Roman Forum, the guide warned us against pickpockets. “Rome is like any city full of tourists,” she said. “There are people who try to steal from you. Here we have many gypsy pickpockets. They are usually young girls, some with babies, some begging. Be careful. Keep your purses and wallets secure. Don’t be […]

What are editorial cartoons?

Richland One Visual Literacy Winners

The State paper’s current problem By Warner M. Montgomery Editorial cartoons are an essential element of newspapers. Dating back to the days of Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette , the editorial cartoon was used to “raise hell” (Franklin’s words) in colonial America. During the Civil War, Thomas Nast’s editorial cartoons graced the pages of Harper’s Weekly. These one–frame cartoons aren’t necessarily […]

Tied up in Knotts

AC Flora outlasts Blythewood in double overtime

Photos and story byMike Maddock Freshman Tiara Knotts and sophomore Tierra Scott refused to let AC Flora lose. Knotts led all scorers with 18 points and Scott added 13 points to help the Falcons come from behind and defeat a determined Blythewood squad 51–49 in double overtime on Tuesday night, December 13. AC Flora was down by as many as […]

Bengals Flora’d

Falcons soar in Blythewood

Photos and story byMike Maddock The Blythewood basketball team only dressed seven players, but the AC Flora Falcons were a one-man show. Eric Booker led the Falcons with 33 points and helped his team to a solid victory over the Bengals. The Falcons built a 22 point lead by half–time and went on to defeat Blythewood 58–37 Tuesday night, December […]

The Star reaches Lithuania

Hello, Warner!   A week ago I ran into your article about Uzupia Republic (www.TheColumbiaStar.com 2005/04/07). I must admit that since our Republic appeared in 1997, your article is one of the best, or even the best, article written. There were about 70 of them, mostly in Russia and Germany, not counting around 120 articles in Lithuania. There are some […]

The FairTax is the only fair tax

An open letter to John Snow Secretary of the Treasury Washington, DC Dear Secretary Snow, (john.snow@do.treas.gov) I am a proponent of the FairTax. I recommend that you and President Bush support HR 25 and help enact the FairTax for the good of the nation. The President’s Tax Advisory Panel ignored multi–million dollar research and misstated the effects of the FairTax […]

Palmetto Rebellion SC makes the Wall Street Journal

Editors note: The following article by Brendan Miniter appeared in WSJ.com Opinion Journal from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page Tuesday, November 29, 2005. South Carolina taxpayers are incensed… Higher taxes have dramatically increased education spending while overall student enrollment has risen only slightly. One district in Richland County has seen school tax revenue skyrocket 779% since 1984, while the […]

Richland County Council Meeting • December 13, 2005 • 6 pm

Roll Call Members present were Anthony Mizzell, Doris Corley, Joyce Dickerson, Valerie Hutchinson, Damon Jeter, Paul Livingston, Joseph McEachern, Michael Montgomery, Greg Pearce, Bernice Scott, and Kit Smith. Getting Started Chairman Anthony Mizzell called the meeting to order shortly after 6 pm. Mizzell gave the Invocation, then led the citizens in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance. Presentation Greg Pearce […]