New SWAT tool

The SWAT team in Mesa, Arizona, is asking the feds for $100,000 in grant money for a pilot project for their SWAT team. If the project is approved, a new SWAT officer would be outfitted with a Kevlar (bullet resistant) vest, a camera and a two–way radio. Sounds fairly routine, doesn’t it? But I promise you it’s not. This first–of–its–kind […]


Chuck Howell and Doug Worsham won the 2005 Men’s Spring Member at Columbia Country Club April 22, 2005. The format consisted of match play competition with 66 teams competing.

Tech student named New Century Scholar

Natalya Hall, a student at Midlands Technical College, has been named SC’s New Century Scholar for 2005. As SC’s 2005 New Century Scholar, Hall was recognized during the American Association of Community College’s annual Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 9. Each New Century Scholar will receive a $2,000 scholarship, presented by the Coca–Cola Foundation and the Coca–Cola Scholars Foundation. […]

High school sports overview

A.C. Flora High School’s on–campus baseball stadium is one of the most attractive in the Columbia area. Financial support from the town of Forest Acres has helped in the continuing project to make it bigger and better. Head Coach Andy Hallett’s nearly decade–long string of winning includes the 2001 Class AAA State Championship and last year’s handsome 19–9 record. Such […]

BAMESO competes to keep the gold

Columbia won the gold in 2004. Columbia’s volleyball team, BAMESO, must defend the national title in the 2005 USA Open Volleyball National Championship in Denver, Colorado in the May 27–May 31 tournament. Winning is everything for the defending champs, who are a group of eleven men’s world class division–1 players. The BAMESO women’s volleyball team is eager to obtain top […]

Final score – Heathwood Hall 16, AC Flora 5

It’s not a criticism, it’s an observation.

The little wave is disappearing

You don’t have to drive very long these days to encounter an idiot in an automobile. Inattentive, distracted, and downright rude drivers are more numerous than Bill Green commercials. Interstate highways contribute to the problem. At least a couple of generations of drivers today would be lost without those efficient movers of traffic. In the days of two lane roads, […]

The Star speaks

Corridor of Shame A propaganda piece for poverty

Corridor of Shame A propaganda piece for poverty The movie, Corridor of Shame , is making its way through SC. Bud Ferillo’s well done documentary presents the case that some of SC’s government schools are in deplorable shape – sewage runs in locker rooms, rain falls in gyms, snakes and rats roam the hallways, and teachers flee for their professional […]

Rotary Foundation in Action

Polio and Rotary

Reprinted from The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, April 12, 2005 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Salk polio vaccine. Poliomyelitis, also known as infantile paralysis, used to be one of childhood’s most feared diseases. A few years after Dr. Jonas Salk announced his vaccine on April 12, 1955, nearly every child in the US was protected. Today polio has […]

Petal Pushers Garden Club meets

Louise Grooms was the hostess for the April meeting of the Petal Pushers Garden Club. She served delicious refreshments. Lovely spring flowers were used in arrangements throughout the house. Margaret Glenn presided at the business meeting, and plans were discussed for the May luncheon and the Awards Luncheon for Garden Council. Shirley Smith gave a delightful bird report on owls. […]