Tennis ties family together

“Our tennis lifestyle began when our eldest daughter, Fran, was in the ninth grade,” said Ann Fosnacht, mother and wife of one of Columbia’s prominent tennis families. “No one in the family played before then. Fran started taking tennis lessons, so I decided to take lessons so I could help her practice. Then, I got the tennis bug.” Ann noticed […]

Two Columbians represent USA at UNESCO conference in Lithuania

Dr. Jim Fisher and Dr. Warner M. Mont-gomery presented papers at a UNESCO Inter-national Scientific Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, October 21–22. The theme of the conference was “Learning to Live Together: Problems and Solutions in the XXI Century.” The conference was hosted by Dr. Jurate Morkuniene, UNESCO chair in culture of peace and democracy at the Law University of Lithuania. […]

Adventure Travel

Part 15: Sanya Pauli, an American moves in

By Warner M. Montgomery The African Slave Trail The British Sierra Leone Company moved out of Freeport (now called Sanya Pauli) in 1802, but the village did not die. David Lawrence, a British slave trader with factories on the Rio Grande, Rio Nunez, and Rio Pongo, set up operations in Freeport before the company left. His factory kept slaves flowing […]

Teacher helps students find the relationship between science and religion

St. Joseph Catholic School was started 47 years ago in an effort to provide a strong Catholic educational foundation for students in kindergarten– 6th grade. Since that time, St. Joseph School has continued to serve Columbia families seeking a unique educational experience. According to the school’s mission statement, “St. Joseph’s ‘lived’ philosophy reflects a community of faith that exists to […]

Around the Town

Art The Midlands Clay Arts Society 5th Annual Holiday Pottery Sale and Fund Raiser for Richland School District One’s Edward E. Taylor Elementary School’s Visual and Fine Arts Program will be held November 12–13 at the Vista Studios Galleries, 808 Lady Street. November 12, 12–9 pm; November 13, 10 am–4 pm. 603-2562 Columbia Technology Exposition will be November 16, 4–8 […]

Longcreek men’s tennis team —undefeated

The fall season of SC USTA tennis swings forward, and explosive energy radiates from the men’s rackets as they battle towards qualifying for the city championships. The men’s team, Longcreek’s J.W., battled out a victory against the The Ozes of Wildwood, 3–2. Longcreek happily retained their position as undefeated for the season. “We just want to try to slip through […]


The voters are owed an apology

Twenty–three candidates were on the ballot Tuesday for Richland District One School Board and voters were able to select board members in a four–year–at–large race, an at–large special election two–year race and two single–member district races. You would think every political group and responsible elected official would be educating the electorate on their voting options to lessen confusion and the […]

SCPA Award–Winning Columnist Mike Cox It’s not a criticism, it’s an observation. Southern boys know how to flirt

The waitress walked by and locked eyes with Rick. Even though she was decades younger, she looked at my brother and smiled. I knew she would; they always have. There is something about my younger brother that has always attracted women like moths to a front porch light. I’m not sure what it is. If I knew, I’d be rich […]

Columbia City Council meetings • November 3 & 10 • 6 pm & 9am

Regular meeting 6 pm, Wednesday, November 3

Roll call City council met November 3, Wednesday, for its regular meeting at 6 pm. All council members were present: Tameika Isaac Devine, Hamilton Osborne, E. W. Cromartie, Mayor Bob Coble, Anne Sinclair, Sam Davis, and Daniel Rickenmann. Neighborhood appreciation Dr. John Stucker of the University Neighborhood Association recognized Residential Patrol Officer Paul Burton for outstanding community service. Street closings […]