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WWII hero still giving back

WWII veteran David Hubbard

WWII veteran David Hubbard

“There are heroes all around us. We just need to look and see the good news happening in our community.”

“Hero,” an apt description of 97-year-old Columbia resident David Hubbard, a WWII and Battle of the Bulge Veteran.

Chaplain, Lt. Col. Brian Bohlman of the NSA GA/Georgia ANG delivered those words to a small crowd of family, friends, and service members who had gathered for a ceremony at Mr. Hubbard’s home Wednesday, July 8. Chaplain Bohlman had arranged this ceremony to honor this member of “The Greatest Generation” for his continued service to his community and nation.

Hubbard is indeed a member of “The Greatest Generation.” He volunteered for the Army in October of 1942 in Spartanburg, S.C., spent time in Columbia at Ft. Jackson, and continued serving in England during the build-up to D-Day on June 6, 1944. He landed on Utah Beach in France on July 1, 1944, less than a month after D-Day, with a 2.5-ton truck loaded with as he described, “bales of invasion money.” As American forces continued to push through France, T/3 (Staff Sgt.) Hubbard’s group followed closely behind General George Patton’s armored units, and in the winter of 1944 and 1945, he was part of the largest battle in the European Theater, The Battle of the Bulge. T/3 Hubbard continued to serve in Europe until the end of the war. He was discharged from the Army in October 1945 after almost exactly three years of service to his country.

Fast forward to March 2020. Hubbard is still serving, but not in war. Chaplain Bohlman explained, “In March, Ed Lundeen of Lexington County Veteran’s Services emailed me and told me about a project a WWII veteran he knew was doing to bring strength and comfort to people during these very challenging times. Ed told me, Mr. Hubbard was making crosses in his woodshop to give to people in the community who were out helping others—food delivery people, health care workers, or anyone who could use something extra (spiritually) to help. I almost deleted that email, but once I read it, I immediately called Mr. Hubbard, and that afternoon we met on his carport. He gave me over 200 handmade wooden crosses with the instructions to give them out to anyone who wanted or needed some help during these difficult times.”

As instructed, the crosses were placed in the chaplain’s office at Ft. Gordon and were (and still are) there for anyone who needs something to help them through the day. Or as Site Chaplain, Major Tracy Hudgins at NSA Ga. said, “The crosses provided by Mr. Hubbard are just a good reminder that those who can find faith as a source of strength. They could see the cross as that—many people put them on their desks, and others have taken a few and given them to colleagues and friends.”

As family and friends looked on, Hubbard was presented with an American Flag that had flown over the headquarters of NSA GA., several Commanders Coins, and a special plaque commemorating his service to the men and women stationed at Ft. Gordon. When asked to speak, Hubbard thanked everyone for their kindness, and added, “I just want to help people through these difficult times. I hope the crosses give hope and strength to those that need it.”

As Chaplain Hudgins put it, “He’s 97 years old and still serving—still giving back.”

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  1. Princa Wright says:

    Dave Hubbard was a special honoree at First Baptist, Columbia’s Carolina Celebration of Liberty several years ago. He is indeed a hero!

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