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Visit Saluda Riverwalk

By Emerson Smith PhD Sociologist

By Emerson Smith PhD Sociologist

Want to go fishing? Walk your dog? Take a stroll? Bird watch? Bicycle? Meditate? Or have a picnic? Go to Saluda Riverwalk any day, from dawn to dusk. You can do any of these activities and more on the Saluda Riverwalk near Riverbanks Zoo, just off I-126. The trail, built to Americans with Disabilities Act standards, is about three miles round trip when you visit Boyd Island going south. The northern route is about four miles roundtrip. Enter on Candi Lane. The trail is free, with plenty of parking. You will see and hear the rapids, a rush of water over giant boulders. At Boyd Island you will see the Saluda River join the Broad River, creating the Congaree River. This just one of the trails created and maintained by the River Alliance, headed by Mike Dawson, a civil engineer and Army Colonel who made the decision to stay in Columbia after serving in command at Fort Jackson.

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  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Is the south path now paved to Boyds Island? last time I walked, months ago, there was about a half mile unpaved. Noce walk though!

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