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Today we gather on this campus to give justice to our history

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to comment on the Reconstruction historical marker dedicated by representatives of the USC Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. When I was an adjunct faculty member at USC, my Constitutional rights, academic freedom, and the Carolina Code were trampled upon by my boss. I filed a complaint with the Provost and President’s Office and contacted the American Center for Law and Justice to file a lawsuit against my boss and the university.

In the responses to the article I wrote in The Daily Gamecock, I was attacked and even the diversity officer engaged in a response. I knew that if I responded I’d be fired. After resigning, I wrote an article that was published as a guest columnist regarding the legislature’s requirement that the U.S. Constitution be taught at USC. The current president refused to obey this law.

Some historical background regarding Reconstruction, the first black delegation to Congress from the Palmetto State were all Republicans. The only slave owners in both the north and south were Democrats. The founder of the Democratic Party, Andy Jackson, was a racist. And the Democratic President Andrew Johnson instituted policies during Reconstruction that ruined the south, unlike what Republican Abraham Lincoln was planning if he’d not been assassinated.

Racism is best dealt with by a transformation of the heart through Jesus Christ as MLK Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, has publicly stated. CRT, BLM, equity of outcomes, reparations, or Marxist ideology aren’t the solution and only lead to further division and destruction. Karl Marx wrongly believed that changing the social, economic, and political institutions would transform society and the person.

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