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The Columbia Cotillion Club holds Winter Ball



The Columbia Cotillion Club, a gentleman’s dance club founded in 1890, held its Winter Ball Tuesday evening, December 21, 2022, at Forest Lake Club. Eight daughters of members were presented. A reception and receiving line were followed by the debutante presentation and figure. Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews directed the figure, which was followed by dinner and dancing to the music of The Charlie Gatch Band.

Daughters presented were: Miss Suzanne Lucas Moorman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Tally Moorman, granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John-Heslep Moorman, great-granddaughter of the late Mr. Robert Moorman, escorted by Mr. John Ulmer Wolfe; Miss Elizabeth Murphy Gudmundson, daughter of the late Mr. Arthur Williams Gudmundson and Mrs. Gudmundson, granddaughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Gustaf Munthe Gudmundson, escorted by Mr. George Harris Schraibman; Miss Sarah Lane DuBose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Jones DuBose, Jr., and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Jones DuBose, escorted by Kyle Leighton Williford; Miss Margaret Briggs Edmunds, daughter of Dr. Thomas Bryant Edmunds, Jr., and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryant Edmunds, Sr., escorted by Mr. Julian Bonham Owens; Miss Joye Elise McCutchen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas McCutchen, III, granddaughter of Mr. George Thomas McCutchen, Jr., and escorted by Mr. William Talley Moorman, Jr.; Miss Katherine Middleton Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elliott Robinson III, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mattison Mahon, Jr., great-granddaughter of



the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Middleton Williams, Jr., escorted by Mr. Thomas Armstrong Cuttino; Miss Morgan Elizabeth Aitchison, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Morgan Aitchison, granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Marquis Davis, great-granddaughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. John McMahan Davis, escorted by Mr. Patrick Davis Aitchison; Miss Evaline Finlay Gomila, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moylan Field Gomila, Jr., granddaughter of the late Mr. Kirkman Finlay, Jr. and Mrs. Finlay, and great-granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman Finlay, escorted by Mr. Charles Fredrick Williams Manning III. Guest debutantes were: Miss Carlisle McLeod Benson, escorted by Mr. Charles Henry Bond; Miss Bonnie Ann Dreher Chapman, escorted by Mr. William Curry McDow, Jr.; Miss Murray Gray Culbreath, escorted by Mr. Henry Thompson Skehan; Miss Lottie Vereen Folline, escorted by Mr. Joshua Max Lipsitz; Miss Ada Rose Jenkins, escorted by Mr. Charles Carter Sides; Miss Mary Graham Jenkins, escorted by Mr. Rutherford Hunter Fawcett; Miss Marielle Hunter McKissock, escorted by Mr. Landen Brooks Norwood; Miss McAlpin Lauren Ott, escorted by Mr. Geddings Hardy Crawford III; Miss Anna Francis Peacock, escorted by Mr. John David Cate; and Miss Claire Ravenel Pound, escorted by Mr. Samuel Roy Weaver. Seated at the head table were Mr. Charles Frederick Williams Manning II, president, and Mrs. Manning; Mr. William Childs Cantey III, vice president, and Mrs. Cantey; Mr. William Mace Haselden, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Haselden; Mr. Edward Wade Mullins III, past president and debutant announcer, and Mrs. Mullins; Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews, director of the debutante figure, and Mr. Matthews; Miss Margaret Blair Manning, guest of the president, and Mr. Henrey Bruce Barze. Also seated at the head table were executive committee members Mr. Stephen David Searcy and Mrs. Searcy; Mr. Carroll Jones DuBose, Jr. and Mrs. DuBose; Mr. Robert Cleland FitzSimons, and Mr. Blake Edmunds III and Mrs. Edmunds.

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