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Star Profile Lynn Bailey, healthcare economist

Lynn Bailey

Lynn Bailey

Lynn Bailey was born in the National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda, Maryland), the sick bay for presidents, while her father was a corpsman. Such early exposure to quality healthcare probably surfaced in Bailey’s later demonstrated expertise in the field.

Her father retired from the Navy and picked up teaching as a second career. Her mother took her path in education, also.

Bailey attended high school north of Baltimore in Bel Aire, where she was the editor of the school paper. She had many stories to report.

One of the most humorous was during her senior year when a cow was discovered in her guidance counselor’s second-floor office. Bailey professed shock and awe at what she saw: “How in the world did that cow get up there? Who would do such a thing?”

The cow refused to walk down the stairs, but the cow agreed to walk up the stairs to the roof. Slings were strapped around the cow and a block and tackle was rigged at roof’s edge to lower the cow to the ground.

Bailey majored in economics and political science at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C., Coach Dave Odom’s alma mater. She minored in war protesting, attending rallies at the federal courthouse in Greensboro. She managed to get in front of the cameras while her parents in Maryland were watching. Bailey’s diplomacy skills were developed in consequent conversations with her father, the Navy retiree.

Bailey earned her master’s in economics at USC’s business school. A child, jobs, and marital separation made for a combined deterrent to any further formal education.

In the early ’80s, after stints in state government and health insurance companies, Bailey struck out on her own as a consulting healthcare economist. One of her first office addresses was in a sub-let arrangement with the notorious Jason Zirkel, the investment consultant who went to prison for misleading just about everybody on Columbia’s Main Street and later in the financial district of downtown Boston.

Zirkel had control of a floor of offices in the Barringer Building at the corner of Washington and Main. He took Bailey’s prompt payments but failed to pass along the rent money to the landlord.

Meanwhile, Bailey reared her son Philip. He is taking a leave of absence as the political director for the S.C. Senate Democratic Caucus, as he is managing Drew Theodore’s campaign for comptroller general.

For the past three years, Bailey has leased above Non(e)such on Devine Street. There she continues to add to her record of over 200 certificate of need applications for hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, home health agencies, hospices, and medical imaging centers. Her clients also ask for help with regulatory planning, strategic planning and marketing, problem–solving, reimbursement, finance, health and public policy, physician practice management, and valuation analysis.

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