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Squatting or Standing?

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation



I spent 60 bucks for a desk that raises your computer gear to a level so one can use it while standing. I was convinced my widening backside, lack of energy, and inability to lose recently gained pounds resulted from being sedentary too much.

I bought a stability ball last year and used it as a chair. I noticed sore muscles, but it aggravated my sciatic nerve. I decided to try a standing desk. One advertised on television cost several hundred dollars. I could hire a personal trainer for that. I found a cheaper one.

Like many people, I try to keep up with current trends and new discoveries where health is concerned. I know being able to rise from a sitting position without using one’s hands is a sign of long life.

I’ve re-calibrated my blood pressure since the new numbers came out, and I’m still in the “safe for an ancient fat guy” category. I’ve learned to do without certain foods and justify the ones I can’t refuse.

I even try to go holistic whenever I can. I know that sounds like some leftover refugee from the Hippie decade, which I am, but I didn’t consider such things until fairly recently.

When you see the lengths healthcare associated corporations will go, you have to wonder if they are as sincere about taking care of each and every one of us like their commercials claim.

Sniffing turmeric while slowly drinking herbal green tea and attempting mindfulness meditation is still not part of my daily ritual, but I’ve tried a couple out of the box things, and have, after many, many attempts, successfully weaned myself from protein pump inhibitors as a means of dealing with heartburn by drinking juice from the Aloe Vera plant. That might not sound like much, but I’m really happy about it.

But as we all know, the worst thing about living in a fast moving world that resets faster than ever before, is we have to change strategies often and quickly.

I know there are people out there who still live like their parents did. I can’t imagine that but it is true. The internet even helps those folks; there are informational websites that support every cockamamie idea that ever made someone money. Some folks just need a sliver of re-enforcement. Just check out the Flat Earth movement.

So I wasn’t surprised to learn there is something better for us than standing at the desk. Squatting. Really? I always thought that squatting was bad. Every former major league baseball catcher walks like he’s on skates. Bobby Cox might offer a differing opinion.

But according to an article in Health Benefits magazine, squatting is better than standing and way better than sitting. Just when I was getting the hang of standing in front of a computer, things change. That’s the way it seems to go. I’ll probably try it.

I read months ago that squatting while enjoying one’s morning constitutional was a better way than sitting on a modern toilet. I even saw ads for Squatty Potties on TV. But I couldn’t make that change.

It was harder than drinking Aloe Vera juice.

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