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South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association

Police officials say that crime increases during the summer. In April and May the South Kilbourne residents saw an increase in tickets written by the police department.

Columbia police officer Jeff Brink shared some of the newsat the South Kilbourne Neighborhood meeting at Suber Marshall Methodist Church May 6.

Traffic violations are a concern in the area, especially speeding. As a result, the South Kilbourne area became a main priority for the South Region of the Columbia police to focus on. According to Officer Brink, three tickets have been written for not stopping at stop signs, five speeding tickets have been written, and 13 tickets have been written for illegal parking near the Owens Field airport and the new skate park. At 327 South Beltline, a suspect was arrested for burglary. The suspect has also been charged with nine other burglaries.

Officer Brink also gave advice to the residents of the South Kilbourne neighborhood. “Don’t feel bad to call the police, that’s what we’re here for.”

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