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Sitting on a drink box inspires 102 tales

James McMeekin “Mac” Horton

James McMeekin “Mac” Horton

James McMeekin “Mac” Horton who lives in northeast Columbia grew up in Heath Springs, South Carolina, a farming community of about 800 resilient residents. A proud graduate of the Citadel, Horton concentrated in psycology with minor courses in English. Upon graduation, he began a 32 year career with the Department of Employment and Workforce, retiring as the deputy executive director of administration. He and his wife, Libby, engage in many community service activities and enjoy traveling. Horton continues to pursue his passion for writing short stories and telling tales.

Horton’s newly released book, Tales from Shelter Rock and Beyond tells 102 short stories of assorted tales intersected with the not so average life of an adventurous and often mischievous young man growing up in rural S.C.

According to Mandy Catoe of The Lancaster News, Horton’s father’s service station sits right across the road from Shelter Roack, a unique rock formation on Flat Rock Road in Heath Springs. “I spent all my summers at my daddy’s service station, sitting on a refrigerated drink box listening to what I call ‘real storytellers,’” Horton said, “A large part of my storytelling came from those guys.”



His father’s place was a place for the men to gather, reminisce, and tell a tall tale or two. Horton learned a lot about life on that drink box.

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