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See How They Run

Members of the cast

Members of the cast

See How They Run Contributed by Town Theatre

See How They Run is a classic British comedy. It involves an American actor and actress, a Cockney maid, an “old maid,” and four men in clergymen suits who gallop in and out of the doors of an English vicarage on the eve of a seemingly imminent Nazi invasion. This riot of a comedy is so swift, so involved, and so rib- tickling that audiences are left exhausted from laughter as though they ran a foot race themselves!

See How They Run by Philip King is directed by Allison McNeely and sponsored by Childs & Halligan P.A. It will run Wednesday- Saturday, Jan 12 – 13, 17- 20, 24- 27 at 8 pm and Sunday, Jan 14 and 21 at 3 pm.

Town Theatre is located at 1012 Sumter Street, Columbia SC 29201. Call 803- 799-2510 or visit

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