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Rotarians tour Ronald McDonald House

Contributed by Pete Pillow

Contributed by Pete Pillow

Capital Rotarians toured Columbia’s Ronald McDonald House recently, getting a firsthand look at how it provides a comforting atmosphere for families and children in times of medical crisis. The 16-bedroom facility on Colonial Drive has all the comforts of “a home away from home” including a well-stocked food pantry and toy room, a kitchen and dining room, relaxed living areas, and washer/dryer units. The staff and volunteers work to ease emotional and financial stress caused by health issues, thus allowing families to focus on supporting their child when it matters most. The Ronald McDonald House serves families 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, with an 87 percent average occupancy rate. The May 29 tour was hosted by operations director Liz Atkinson, executive director Beth Lowrie, and marketing/development manager Meghan McMenamy.

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