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Riverbanks offers wild opportunities for summer campers

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden will offer its wildest Summer Camp yet. This year, camp staff has added two more weeks to the program calendar, incorporated several new behind–the–scenes opportunities, and revamped Adventure Camp.

“There are children who come to Riverbanks Summer Camp year after year,” said Alma Coyle, coordinator of camps and overnights at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. “It was time to refresh our programs and provide our campers with new and exciting experiences.”

Campers may have the chance to feed a flamingo, touch a radiated tortoise, or even watch a grizzly bear training session during behind–the–scenes tours. But tours are just a small part of a busy camper’s day. Every day the children participate in animal encounters, games, crafts, songs and Zoo walks.

The updated Adventure Camp for children ages 12 to 14, will focus on animal enrichment—toys, training and treats. These campers will assist the Riverbanks Enrichment Committee as they create, observe, and evaluate various types of animal activities around the Zoo. This group will also enjoy some enrichment for themselves during a field trip to the South Carolina Aquarium where they will tour the sea turtle hospital.

Summer camp, including Sprout Camp for three– and four–year-olds (and a parent), KinderCamp for four–and five–year–olds, Wild Weeks for six–to eleven– year–olds, and Adventure Camp for 12–to 14–year–olds, begins June 7. There are 10 one–week sessions available. The same program is repeated throughout the summer, so campers should only sign up for one week.

An early and late extended stay and play option is available for Wild Weeks and Adventure Camp for an additional $75. Only early extended stay and play is available for KinderCamp, which is $25.

To register for Summer Camp, visit www.riverbanks. org and click on education.

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