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Richland Two leaders receive Order of the Flame



Seven community leaders and retired educators were honored at the Richland Two Education Foundation’s Order of the Flame Thursday, November 9. The activities of these individuals have enriched the lives of others through their significant contributions of time, talent or resources.

The 2023 honorees are John Baker, Dr. Julia Boyd, Dr. Yasmine Gabr-Bias, Dr. Debra Hamm, Elizabeth Padget, Dr. Sarah Sanchez, and Sarah Simmons. They join 20 other honorees who have received the Order of the Flame since the program began in 2018.

“Awardees of the Richland Two Order of the Flame have represented the district with honor, humility, and high moral standards,” said Dr. Sharon Buddin O’Keefe, president of the Education Foundation. “We are privileged to have the opportunity to acknowledge these individuals for the lasting impact they have made on the lives around them as well as the future of Richland Two.”

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