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Richland One responds to SCDE fiscal watch declaration

“We have been informed that the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) is putting Richland One on fiscal watch based on their findings from a P-card audit of the district. In reviewing the findings, Richland One still maintains strong internal controls (checks and balances), which include a review of all transactions on a monthly basis by our Procurement Department. As such, those checks and balances discovered issues concerning a former employee that were turned over to law enforcement.

The audit covered a period from March 28, 2022 through August 27, 2022. According to our records for this time period, the audit consisted of 426 statements with a total of 3,858 transactions. The audit found some exceptions. Of the 426 statements that were audited by SCDE, exceptions were found with 18 (or 4.2 percent); of the 3,858 transactions, exceptions were found with 71 (or 1.8 percent).

The district appreciates those identified opportunities to improve; however, in our opinion, none of the findings were significant or rose to material impact.

The district has controls that help establish more than reasonable assurance that risks are mitigated to an acceptable level. The district will continue to ensure those controls are in place, and the potential impact of any exception is kept to a minimum.

For 34 consecutive years, Richland One has received clean audits and no material audit findings.”

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