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Richland County announces beginning of Community Impact grant application process

Richland County Council met November 1. The following members were present: Bill Malinowski, Derrek Pugh, Yvonne McBride, Paul Livingston, Allison Terracio, Gretchen Barron, Chair Overture Walker, Vice Chair Jesica Mackey, Cheryl English, and Chakisse Newton.

Council approved the final reading of the motion to develop a multi-county park with Fairfield County, authorizing the execution and delivery of an agreement, authorizing the inclusion of certain property located in Richland County in the multi-county park, authorizing the execution of an intergovernmental agreement, and other related matters. This motion pertains to the development of Richland Mall in Forest Acres.

The final reading of the ordinance amending the Richland County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Administration, Article II, county council; Section 2- 14, Compensation of Council Members; so as to reflect the annual salary for county council was approved by the council.

Barron announced the recommendations of the Rules & Appointments Committee as follows: Susan Britt was recommended to fill the vacancy for the Central Midlands Council of Governments Board; D. Michel Kelly was recommended to fill the vacancy for the Airport Commission; and David Fuller and Shasai Hendrix were recommended to fill two of the six vacancies for the Board of Zoning Appeals.

English moved that the Community Impact Grants Application Process begin November 2 and end November 23. There are $300,000 grant funds available for the FY 2023 grant cycle. The motion was approved by the council. To apply for the Community Impact Grants Funds via Zoom Grants: https:// rid=2236. For technical assistance with grants applications, contact Matiah Pough, Richland County grants manager at 803-576-5459.

The resolution to appoint and commission Michael Brent Davis as a code enforcement officer for the proper security, general welfare, and convenience of Richland County was approved by the council.

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