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Rex and Floyd conspicuously clueless on school violence

By Timothy MoultrieLibertariancandidate forSuperintendent ofEducation

The recent vacuous exchange between the Republican and Democrat contenders for the State Superintendent of Education post serves only to demonstrate how conspicuously clueless they each are in terms of having a real grasp on the problems plaguing public education.

The Democrat argues against zero tolerance for school violence, as if there is a tolerable level for throat slashing in public schools.

The Republican, in turn, throws herself off the other deep end and claims that fully implementing Big Brother, by installing cameras in every classroom, is a reasonable solution. Thus, the Republican blithely ignores the fact that S.C.’s property tax payers simply cannot afford another layer of useless school bureaucracy or another multibillion-dollar assault on their home finances, in support of a fundamentally flawed system.

Instead, I offer what teachers around the state have craved for decades: The ability to respond with truth regarding school violence, without fear of administrative backlash. Every teacher should be able to call 9-1-1 without fearing for their job or worrying about district “appearances” and expect that the government agencies charged with addressing crime, the police, will come to their aid.

It is not rocket science. As a society, we should treat violent criminals like violent criminals. With three short strokes of a finger, a teacher can dial 9-1-1, and the consequences for violent behavior will be swift and sure. There is also the added bonus for taxpayers if we fully implement my Truth without Fear policy. “Truth costs nothing, but the benefits are priceless.”

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