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Rehydration and Wellness goes “Main Street”

On May 25, 2018, RevIVe Wellness Studio on the 1600 block of Main Street opened its doors and continued the ongoing trend of repurposing and revitalizing the Main Street corridor in downtown Columbia.

RevIVe Wellness Studio boasts five luxurious rooms that create a sense of peace and relaxation for its patrons. IV Drip Therapy and B12 injections are provided in a serene, elegant atmosphere by clinical hydration specialists. RevIVe Wellness Studio offers eight different drip options, from “Hey Good Looking” to “Hangover Hero.” These drips can enhance natural energy levels, rehydrate and replenish essential vitamins after a night out, boost immune systems, and much more.

Attracting wellness and fitness lovers alike, RevIVe Wellness Spa started as an idea between lifelong best friends Sara Middleton and Will Stillinger. Inspired by their passion for health, fitness, and well-being, Sara and Will decided to bring IV drip therapy to Columbia. “Our goal when opening RevIVe was not only to create a beautiful spa setting, but to ensure our customer experiences were as easy and seamless as possible. Information about each drip, its benefits, along with our reservation system can all be found at,” stated Sara.

RevIVe Wellness Studio is located at 1624 Main Street, Suite 200, and can be conveniently accessed from the Cannon Garage on Taylor Street between Main and Sumter or if parking on Main, by using the walkway between Michael’s and Good Life Café.

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