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Reader responds to editorial about Song of Solomon

My mother and I were shocked (and we don’t shock easily) when we read Pam Clark’s letter to the editor in the September 22 issue. I went to Flora, and if they had told me I had to read that book,(I was so naive anyway), I wouldn’t have understood it, but I would have known it was nothing my parents would ever want me to read!

I hope you have told the school (and district) how you feel about this, I can’t believe they would want a child to read this book! Have you written Oprah also? She always seems so responsible, and I think that she would want to know that a school is requiring a 17-year-old girl to read this. She may want to rethink what’s on her book club list!

Thanks for making the public aware of this, I can’t imagine anybody even wanting to WRITE such things down on paper!

Lisa Tye

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