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Quirky Crimes in the Capital City



Forest Acres

tForest Drive, 3000 block: Police were called to a department store at 11 a.m. Monday after a security guard reported a shoplifter getting away with $2,000 worth of merchandise. The guard told officers that the thief was in an area displaying designer T-shirts. He appeared to be comparing colors and sizes, but all of a sudden he whipped out a black garbage bag and began tossing the $40-a-piece shirts into it. He then walked out the door and got into a waiting car and fled. The entire incident was caught on surveillance tape, and the man is being sought for grand larceny. tDalloz Road, 1000 block: Police showed up at a home at 11 a.m. Monday to find two 56-year-old women in a fist fight. Because one of the women had called 911 and hung up, police responded. When officers arrived they heard yelling and swearing, and the officers began to ring the bell and knock loudly on the door. One of the women opened the door and told them she and her friend had gotten into a verbal disagreement that had heated up until they “took it to the back,” and it became physical. Neither woman wanted to prosecute, and it was unclear what had started the altercation. tCarillion Court, 30th block: A woman called police at 1 a.m. Monday after she said her common law husband was threatening to kill her and her daughter. The 49-year-old woman told officers her 39-year-old spouse came home drunk and began vandalizing her car. She said he was extremely intoxicated when he got home the previous evening. He picked a fight with her and began stabbing the mattress of their bed while yelling threats at her. She said she and her daughter left for the night but returned late Sunday. She woke up when she heard the front door being kicked, and when she looked out, she saw the man kicking in her car doors, scratching the paint with the same knife he stabbed the mattress with. He appeared to be trying to break the windows of her car but she said he was too drunk and unsteady to hit the glass hard enough. As she watched, she said he called someone to ask them to come over and help him. When police arrived, the man was on the porch and breathless. They cuffed him for questioning and after hearing the woman’s story, charged the man with criminal domestic violence.

Richland County

tTwo Notch Road, 3000 block: A 17-year-old man went into police headquarters to report that two men had robbed him at gunpoint and held him against his will at 9:30 p.m. Sunday. The man told officers he was going to a grocery store, and when he got out of his car, two men approached him in the parking lot. They pulled guns on him and demanded he get back into his car. They then ordered him to take off his shirt and pants and hand them over. He complied, and one of the men went through his clothing to take his wallet and cell phone. He said he had $36 in his wallet, but they took the entire thing including all of his identification and his driver’s license. As the duo was getting out of the car, they spotted and stole a bass guitar that was in the car before fleeing on foot. The man drove in his underwear to his grandmother’s and called his father to bring him some clothes and to take him to the police station to make a report. tBethel Church Road, 4000 block: A woman called police at 11 p.m. after she said her car had been vandalized and burglarized. The 43-year-old woman told officers someone had broken into her car and stolen her “Diva” sign from her front windshield. The woman said that while the thief was in the car, he or she managed to break the turn signal and tear the rear view mirror from the windshield, breaking the glass in the process. The woman said she suspected a man she is in an on-andoff again relationship with of the crime. She said she had run into the man earlier that day at a local night club and they got into an argument over her having the sign in her car. She said the man was jealous she had the “Diva” sign, and he was upset about some unfounded gossip relating to her.

West Columbia

tC Avenue, 500 block: Police are looking for four people who attacked a woman in her home in late April. Officers were called to the home after a neighbor said she saw two women and two men beating up a woman in the yard next door to her. When police arrived, they found the 30-year-old woman sitting on her porch holding a plastic bag of ice on her forehead. She told them she was visiting her male friend who lived in the home with her attackers. The woman said the two women accused her of stealing one of their watches, and she told them that they “didn’t have nothing” she would be interested in stealing. At that point, she said all four jumped out of the car and began to hit and punch her in her face and body. She said she fell down the stairs as they were attacking her, and someone dragged her into the yard by her hair. The man she was visiting was inside during the attack and came out when he heard the neighbor yelling she had called police. At that point the men and women piled back into the car and fled. The man said he only knew his roommates by their nicknames and had no idea what their last names were. He offered to let officers come into the residence and look through the mail to see if they could find out who he was living with. The woman suffered cuts, bruises, and a severe laceration on her forehead, where she said one of the assailants kicked her in the head. She refused medical treatment and was uncertain about pressing charges. The man she had come to visit left during the incident after officers questioned him.

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