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Quirky Crimes in the Capital City



West Columbia

tSaluda Chase Way, 1000 block: Police were called to a home at 5 p.m. Sunday after a woman said she received a bizarre message on her cell phone. The woman showed officers the message, a graphic picture of a woman with blood oozing out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin, neck, and chest. The text of the message described how the pictured woman was killed in a sewer and warned the recipient that if she didn’t forward the message to at least 20 people the same thing would happen to her. The woman told police she shared the phone with her two young children, and they had seen the picture and read the message and were very upset. When officers tried to call the number on the message, they only reached a message box that gave no name, but they are investigating further.

tMeeting Street, 400 block: Police cited a woman at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday after they spotted her sipping a cocktail from a brown paper bag. Officers saw the 26–year–old woman take several swallows from the drink as she walked along the street, and when they stopped her they saw that she was drinking an alcoholic beverage. When they told the woman she couldn’t drink booze on the street she told them it wasn’t an alcoholic beverage but merely an energy drink. She said she had to drink it while walking because she didn’t have a license so she couldn’t drink it in her car. They assured the woman the beverage was indeed an alcoholic one and took the brew from her before ticketing her and releasing her into her own custody so she could return to work.

t9th street, 800 block: A man was arrested for driving under suspension at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday after police pulled him over for an expired license plate. When officers approached the 45–year–old man, he gave them a license, a registration for the car, and a hand written note that he said was from his insurance company explaining that he did have insurance even though the card said it had expired. Unfortunately for him, the officers had access to the DMV, and when they ran his name it came back that his license had been suspended for the second time for no insurance. He asked them to call his insurance company, but he was unsure of the company name and didn’t have a phone number. As he was being read his rights, officers also found a bottle of vodka tucked between the driver seat and the console, so alcohol violations were added to the charges.

tHolland Circle, 600 block: Police took an assault complaint from a man at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday after they pulled him over for driving erratically, and he said it was because his wife beat him up. The 42–year–old man told officers he and his wife were in the process of divorce and that just before the traffic stop, the wife had punched him in the eye. He didn’t want to press charges or receive any medical attention, but he said he wanted to tell police about the incident. Attempts at contacting the wife were unsuccessful.

Forest Acres

tLakeshore Drive, 5000 block: Police were called to an apartment complex at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday after a woman said another woman hit her car and threatened her. The alleged victim told officers she saw the suspect back into her car and dent it, but when she confronted the driver she denied it. The woman with the dented car said the other woman denied that she hit her car even though there was a witness to the incident beside the owner of the hit car. The owner told the driver she was calling police, and the driver tried to drive away, but the car owner blocked her path. At that point the driver got out of her car and began to swear at the car owner and threaten her, the owner said. She got the license plate of the driver’s car, but when police went to that woman’s apartment they didn’t get anyone to answer the door.

tDalloz Road, 1000 block: An elderly woman called police at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday after she said someone stole almost $1,000 out of her purse. The 96–year–old woman told police she wasn’t sure which bank she had taken the money out of, but she had it narrowed down to two. She said the money was folded and in a pocket of her purse when she visited someone in the hospital and when she got home, it was gone.

tHanson Avenue, 3000 block: Police were called to a home at 11 p.m. Tuesday after a woman said someone drove by and fired a gun. The woman told officers she was in her bedroom when she heard three gunshots and went downstairs to the porch to check on her stepson. She then heard two more shots, and she and the stepson both saw a car driving by with an arm hanging out of the window holding a gun. Investigators found several shell casings and some cigarette butts in front of the home. No one was hurt, and the bullets apparently didn’t hit the house.

tBeltline Blvd., 2000 block: Police were called to a business at 8:30 p.m. Monday after a female manager found an obscene message on the company answering machine. The woman said she was checking messages and heard a man making sucking noises and saying lewd things and describing vulgar physical acts. Unfortunately, the caller forgot he had caller ID so police were able to find his name and address through the phone number that showed up on the company phone. The woman and the business could press charges.

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