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Positive Curves fashion show to be held at the Comedy House

Thettra, model for No More Hiding Your Curves

Thettra, model for No More Hiding Your Curves

No More Hiding Your Curves Movement will hold a fashion show, Positive Curves, September 9, 1–3 p.m., at the Comedy House, 2768 Decker Boulevard.

The fashion show case will include a dance performance by the Augusta Dancing Dolls (ADD) and have vendors available for attendees to purchase clothing, accessories, and health care items.

No More Hiding Your Curves is an online plus size clothing boutique. They primarily cater to women sizes 12w to 4x. The styles are outside of the standardized norm. This is on purpose.

Their movement is set on breaking the “ties that bind” those with bodies that defy the standard of slim or skinny. They provide clothing ideal for evening wear, formal wear, club wear, and casual wear.

Select pieces can be ideal for the office and easily transformed to after five wear with the removal of a vest, blazer, shawl, or scarf.

No More Hiding Your Curves’ mission is to change the way customers, the communities they reside in, and the world as a whole, see our bodies and their view of beauty by stomping out biases on the runway.

We are all beautiful, no matter the size, shape, or color. They hold self-acceptance and body acceptance seminars around the country. Their targeted age group is elementary school and up.

Bullying begins early for those who are not fitting the standardized molds society has decided are the “norm.” Those bullied children grow to be bullied and emotionally injured adolescents and adults, without interventions and education on their value, personal worth, and inner and outer beauty.

No More Hiding Your Curves works to re-educate families of these children and the adults the children have become to affect change one person, one runway, one city at a time.

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