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Poets bring laughter and tears to Cardinal Newman audience

Poets Tina Collins Eib and Leo Victor Briones visit Cardinal Newman School.

Poets Tina Collins Eib and Leo Victor Briones visit Cardinal Newman School.

By John

America’s Emerging Poets 2007 Tour kicked off in Columbia on Feb. 23 at 10:30 am with a performance and question and answer session for students at Cardinal Newman High School. On Feb. 24, this special tour went to the S.C. Book Festival at the Columbia Metropolitian Convention Center and concluded its Columbia portion with a 7:30 pm premiere performance including a reading and a reception held at Columbia’s Whitney Hotel. Sunday, the tour moved on to Savannah, Georgia and later visited Charleston and Atlanta, Ga. before concluding on March 3, 2007.

The featured poet was Leo Victor Briones of Los Angeles, Calif. who specializes in social, political, environmental, and narrative poetry and includes Lynn Doiron of Cottonwood, Calif.; Tina Collins Eib of Columbia; Ron Wallace of Durant, Okla.; and Maggie Wilkie of Boston, Mass.

The poetry covered a wide range of topics and styles. Eib specializes in Southern narrative voice poetry and is in the process of releasing a new spoken word CD. Lynn Dorian specializes in narrative, nature, and personal observation while Ron Wallace is skilled in regional, native American, and historical poems. The poets’ society is rounded out by Maggie Wilkie’s unique new formalist narrative style.

Tina Eib has a soft spot in her heart for talented and creative young people. She spent years writing poems and plays for youth and adults. She also served as the director of Cardinal Newman’s drama program until her retirement last year.

Still Eib has a love for sharing the arts, in all forms, with poets and playwrights, which is why she included Cardinal Newman in this unique learning experience with an up close and personal experience with “five diverse and talented poets from around the U.S.”

Eib promises that “These writers and poets will take you from laughter to tears as you experience with them their personal observations and personal conceptions about life and the universal challenge.”

For more information contact Tina Eib at or by calling 803-782-5720.

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