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Out to eat with Rover owner and founder Kim Salerno is thrilled to debut the new search option. “Pet parents are always looking for fun new ways to include their pets in their everyday lives and activities,” she notes. “What better way to bond with your dog than to bring him along for a relaxing meal out? It’s exciting to open up that option to people who otherwise might not have known it was available.”

Salerno herself has a favorite spot to hang out with her furry friend. “I personally enjoy dining out with my dog at a local café.” she notes. “I grab a latte and sit with him outside; he people and dog watches while I take advantage of the free WiFi and feed him treats.”

It should be noted that, due to health codes, pets are only allowed in outdoor seating areas. In addition— much like human patrons— only well- behaved pets are welcomed in restaurants.

Salerno is looking to build a comprehensive, interactive site experience. Users of the restaurant search option are encouraged to leave reviews of pet friendly dining establishments, and to suggest restaurants that are not currently on the list. To find pet friendly restaurant in your area, or to leave a restaurant review or make a restaurant suggestion, visit

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