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Our GOP South Carolina representatives have our backs

Guest Editorial

Congress is departing the nation’s capital this week for the last time this year—but not before handing over millions of dollars to President Biden’s DOJ and FTC through a concerning piece of legislation.

In late September, the House of Representatives passed a package of three antitrust bills (H.R. 3843), part of which arms Biden’s DOJ and FTC with millions of dollars and enables them to pick which businesses operating online win and lose. Unfortunately, these agencies do not have our best interests at heart—as consumers or as Americans.

And giving Biden bureaucrats more money will not address conservatives’ concerns online, but rather, will allow these agencies to pursue their own “woke” agenda on the heels of the midterm elections.

Congress has already appropriated $80 billion in funds to hire thousands of IRS agents to go after the American taxpayer. Now, Democrats want to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the DOJ and the FTC at a time when we are worried about our wallets. I am grateful our Republican South Carolina representatives— Representatives Jeff Duncan (SC-3), William Timmons (SC-4), Nancy Mace (SC-1), Ralph Norman (SC-5), Tom Rice (SC-7), and Joe Wilson (SC-2)—were among the 184 votes against this package.

The Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act (H.R. 3843) increases fees that businesses pay to federal agencies to review large merger deals. The legislation enables agencies and, in fact, empowers the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, which should set off alarm bells for taxpayers everywhere. This legislation is a prime example of the government’s blatant disregard for the needs of our country and our economy.

It is our representatives’ responsibility to ensure accountability and oversight of overreaching federal agencies on our behalf. Officials at the FTC and the DOJ are not accountable to voters, and legislation that encourages federal agencies to collude is not the path forward. Our representatives must ensure that taxpayer dollars are going to appropriate enforcement strategies that protect Americans without forcing their constituents to assume enormous costs in the process.

As the lame duck session approaches, I hope other representatives across the country remember why they took their oath of office and recommit to representing the true needs of their fellow Americans. Thank you to Reps. Duncan, Mace, Norman, Rice, Timmons, and Wilson for voting “nay” and standing up for us.

We are proud to be your constituents.

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