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Open letter to Governor Haley, Superintendent Zais, and SC legislators

I am a proud graduate of Richland #1 schools, and I’m thankful everyday for the high quality education provided for me and my fellow students. I am also proud to be a Richland #1 teacher; now it is my responsibility to ensure that students continue to be offered the same high quality education I received.

I love teaching children! Because I believe that continuing to provide high quality public education is our responsibility, I am frightened by some of the public education proposals that are currently being considered and discussed. Please, before you enact laws and regulations for our public schools, spend some time with us, especially in elementary schools and early childhood classrooms. I challenge you to be a part of our world; spend a day (or more) in classrooms; find out what really happens in our schools. These children are our future; how can we not do what is best for them? Accept my challenge if you dare. You are alway welcome in my classroom. I hope to see you soon.

—Elizabeth Blevins

To Mike Cox,
I thoroughly enjoyed your Dionne article. That, my friend, is top–quality writing.
—Gerald Smith

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