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Nurse says, “Don’t call my students old”

Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson

A new business launched by a nurse to help adults over the age of 50 reduce their risk for developing dementia is now located in the Midlands.

Michelle Thompson has been a nurse for over 15 years taking care of the needs of older adults. She graduated from Midlands Technical College and jumped right into taking care of older adults advocating for their needs. Thompson gained experience working at several local hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and physician’s offices. She states working with older adults was her passion because of the experience her grandfather had while in a hospital.

“My grandfather would tell the nurses and doctors what was wrong with him, and it seemed like they were not listening,” Thompson says. She believed the only way to make a difference for this age group was to become a nurse.

Business ownership was also a passion Thompson dreamed about. As a result, she continued her education receiving bachelor’s degrees in healthcare administration, healthcare management, and a master’s degree in business administration.

When Thompson’s mother developed dementia, her business idea was born. She began thinking if her mother would have participated in some type of memory training perhaps it would have lowered the risk for her developing dementia.

Memory Fit was started in January of 2020 to help adults reduce the risk for developing dementia and remain physically active. Students learn in a classroom setting one day each week for an hour. Strategies help them navigate the memory challenges they experience. The 13-week program is fun, interactive, and challenging at times. However, it is designed to empower students to rethink about how they look at aging and realize this is a great time in their life.

Just don’t call the students at Memory Fit old, seniors, or elderly. They are people who still want to enjoy life to the fullest. Thompson says Memory Fit is here to help them achieve their goals because if they develop dementia, goals and life will forever change.

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