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PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 33-44-808 of the South Carolina Uniform Limited Liability Company Act of 1996, as amended, that REI Automation TN, LLC dissolved on October 29, 2019. Persons with claims against the Company, if any, are requested to present them in writing to the Company at 1240 Veterans Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29209, Attn: Grant R. Phillips, within 120 days after the date of publication of this notice. Presentation of such claims, if any, must include the identity of the claimant, the claimants’ mailing address and telephone number, the amount of the claim, and a reasonable description of the facts (together with a copy of any relevant contract) from which the claim arose. A claim against the Company will be barred unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is commenced within five years after the date of publication of this notice.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a property interest belonging to the estate of James Williams is presently pending before the Court of Common Pleas in Richland County in connection with the death of James Williams. James Williams’ last known address was 4860 Leesburg Road, Hopkins. Any person having information concerning the identity and/or location of anyone who is, or claims to be, an heir at law of the said James Williams, Deceased, or any person who was or claims to have been dependent upon the said James Williams, Deceased, at the time of his death on September 7, 2000, please contact La’Jessica Stringfellow, Esq., 1310 Gadsden Street, Columbia, SC, 803- 919-1400, no later than April 30, 2020. (10-4-2019, 11-1-2019, 12-6- 2019, 1-3-2020, 2-7-2020, 3-6- 2020)

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