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Notice to Creditors of Estates

NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF ESTATES All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal Representatives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of Richland County, the address of which is P.O. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: MARGIE DENT BOOKERT 22ES4000643 Personal Representative: JOHN W. BOOKERT Address: 116 VALERIE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: JAMES BOVAIN SR. 22ES4000366 Personal Representative: NAVADIA BOVAIN Address: 3520 EVE DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29210

Estate: WESTON JAY BRAZELL SR. 22ES4000592 Personal Representative: WESTON J. BRAZEL JR. Address: 5054 EAGLES NEST CT., LOGANVILLE, GA 30052

Estate: ROBERT EMMETT CLUNE 22ES4000549 Personal Representative: MARY ELISABETH SANCHEZ Address: 125 WESTPORT DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: JEFF Z. BROOKER III Address: 508 HAMPTON ST. STE. #201, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: CLARENCE FURMAN DAILEY JR. 22ES4000481 Personal Representative: ELIZABETH DAILEY Address: 3023 KENNERLY RD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: FRANCES V. DAVIS 21ES4002201 Personal Representative: SYLVIA FRANJON DAVIS FLINT Address: 92 CELTIC LN., WINNSBORO, SC 29180

Estate: CATHERINE CORLEY DESPORTES 22ES4000634 Personal Representative: GEORGE R. CORLEY JR. Address: 305 FIREBRIDGE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: GERALD POTTER DICKINSON JR. 21ES4002427 Personal Representative: JOHN G. PEREZ Address: 1144 WEST 1ST ST., CHARLOTTE, NC 28202

Estate: TILLINGHAST MORGAN DOWDEY JR. 22ES4000615 Personal Representative: MAREE SMITH DOWDEY

Estate: PATRICK M. GRIFFIN 22ES4000706 Personal Representative: BRITTANY N. GRIFFIN Address: 3694 COTSWOLD AVE. UNIT 2D, GREENSBORO, NC 2741 Attorney: DAVID M. THOMPSON Address: PO BOX 10796, GREENVILLE, SC 29603

Estate: CARMELEE A. GURSC 22ES4000660 Personal Representative: GUSTAV C. GURSC Address: 35 HARVEST MOON CT., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016 Attorney: M. L. BARTLETT JR. Address: 1700 WOODCREEK FARMS RD., ELGIN, SC 29045

Estate: JOHN RANDOLPH HOUSER 22ES4000687 Personal Representative: BABARA SUZANNE HOUSER Address: 133 KERRYTON RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: BOTHWELL F. GRAHAM Address: 6326 ST. ANDREWS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29212

Estate: CALVIN JOWERS 22ES4000414 Personal Representative: EMILY JOWERS Address: 1858 ST. MICHAELS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29210

Estate: JEFFERY KENT KEHLER 22ES4000717 Personal Representative: COLLEEN L. KEHLER Address: 20 BEN BRUSH CT., COLUMBIA, SC 29229 Attorney: CHARLES M. BLACK JR. Address: PO BOX 2628, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: GRACE HELEN ADAMS MAYERS 22ES4000602 Personal Representative: OLIVIA O. WILSON Address: 1540 STEADFAST ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: JAMES JEFFREY MERCK 22ES4000079 Personal Representative: RHEA ANN MERCK Address: 100 HIGH HAMPTON DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: GLORIA JEAN MIZZEL 22ES4000153 Personal Representative: LARRY A. BERRY Address: 720 MOSS CREEK DR., CAYCE, SC 29033 Attorney: A. BENNETT EVERS Address: PO BOX 11262, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: MANHAR NARANBHAI PATEL 22ES4000695 Personal Representative: GIRA PATEL Address: 525 SHADOWOOD DR., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: GREGORY E. PARKER JR. Address: PO BOX 584, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: CAROL CRAWFORD PETERSEN 22ES4000410 Personal Representative: CHENETTE MATTHEWS Address: 3929 EDGEVIEW DR., INDIAN TR., NC 28079

Estate: ANN OSTEEN SAWYER 22ES4000700 Personal Representative: PHYLLIS SAWYER TRIPPE Address: 205 WATEREE AVE., COLUMBIA, SC 29205 Attorney: KENNETH B. WINGATE Address: PO BOX 12129, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: ROY CLIFFORD SAWYER JR. 22ES4000701 Personal Representative: PHYLLIS SAWYER TRIPPE Address: 205 WATEREE AVE., COLUMBIA, SC 29205 Attorney: KENNETH B. WINGATE Address: PO BOX 12129, COLUMBIA, SC 2901

Estate: CHERYL ELAINE SHIVER 22ES4000575 Personal Representative: WALTER R. SHIVER Address: 4328 SURFWOOD DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Attorney: JAMIE BEST Address: PO BOX 9507, COLUMBIA, SC 29290

Estate: JAMES WALTON 22ES4000655 Personal Representative: L. CHANTEL BROWN Address: 204 VIEWMONT RD., ELGIN, SC 29045


Estate: WILHEMINA BATES ADAMS 22ES4000734 Personal Representative: WALTER A. PRINCE Address: 2729 KIRBY ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205 Attorney: JOE ROGER NORTH Address: PO BOX 21248, COLUMBIA, SC 29221


Estate: RAYMOND J. BRENTIN 22ES4000738 Personal Representative: JANELLE H. BRENTIN Address: 216 ARTISTIDES DR., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: JUDITH CALLISON FISHER Address: 440 KNOX ABBOTT DR. STE. 385, CAYCE, SC 29033

Estate: HELEN K. COPLAN 22ES4000438 Personal Representative: LEWIS R. LEAPHART JR. Address: 3830 FOREST DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: NATASHA LISA GILLIE 22ES4000667 Personal Representative: PSIDARIUS N. ARCHIE Address: 1310 OAK CREST DR. APT. 921, COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: ROBERT V. MEANS 22ES4000431 Personal Representative: DANIEL MEANS Address: 521 IVERSON WAY, GALLOWAY, OH 43119 Attorney: ROBERT J. GRIMM Address: 2231 DEVINE ST. STE. 303, COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: DAVID GERALD NELLIGAN 22ES4000309 Personal Representative: JOANNE M. NELLIGAN

Address: 1016 HAVEN DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29209 Attorney: JONATHAN E. SPITZ Address: PO BOX 11262, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: ROBERT PEARSON III 22ES4000511 Personal Representative: SHARON EVANS Address: 220 SPRINGTREE DR. APT. 309, COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: JOHNNY CARROLL RAMSEY SR. 22ES4000346 Personal Representative: MARIE RAMSEY Address: 120 WILL RICHARDSON CIR., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: JESSICA MARIE REA 22ES4000476 Personal Representative: SHAWN REA Address: 1733 OVERHILL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: DANIEL K. FELKER, ESQUIRE Address: 9610 TWO NOTCH RD. STE. 5, COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: JOYCE GEORGE SKIPPER 22ES4000587 Personal Representative: KATHYRN S. SWEATMAN Address: 601 KELLY MILL RD., ELGIN, SC 29045

Estate: MARY E. STOVER 22ES4000770 Personal Representative: LAVETTA BLAIR Address: 3640 BAXTER DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: TRASHA NICOLE HICKMAN Address: 1418 PARK ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: WILLIAM DWIGHT TAYLOR 22ES4000225 Personal Representative: BETTIE LOIS TAYLOR Address: 204 ARCHER AVE., ELGIN, SC 29045

Estate: THERON C. TEAGLE JR. 22ES4000766 Personal Representative: MARY T. MONTGOMERY Address: 5753 HWY. 85N, #5464, CRESTVIEW, FL 32536

Estate: JOANN NOECHEL WALLACE 22ES4000670 Personal Representative: PATRICIA COUSINS Address: 1825 ST. JULIAN PLACE APT. 17-D, COLUMBIA, SC

29204 Co-Personal Representative: CYNTHIA C. GILBERT Address: 567 RAPIDS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29212 Attorney: S.R. ANDERSON Address: 2008 MARION ST. #J, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: JEANNETTE EVANS WILLIAMS 22ES4000585 Personal Representative: JOHN C. WILLIAMS Address: 4021 CORONDO DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: GLENN ARTHUR WILSON 22ES4000568 Personal Representative: JEFF Z. BROOKER III Address: PO BOX 11415, COLUMBIA, SC 29211 Attorney: JEFF Z. BROOKER III Address: PO BOX 11415, COLUMBIA, SC 29211


Estate: FANIDA B. AYERS 22ES4000715 Personal Representative: RICKEY G. AYERS Address: 100 ALEXANDER CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206

Estate: THEODORE BARR 22ES4000589 Personal Representative: ROBIN TAYLOR Address: 6207 CLEARSKY DR., JACKSONVILLE, FL 32258

Estate: RETA ALLISON BISHOP 22ES4000789 Personal Representative: JOEY VERNON BISHOP Address: 444 AMICKS FERRY RD., CHAPIN, SC 29036 Attorney: HANNAH K. METTS Address: PO BOX 1547, GREENWOOD, SC 29648

Estate: VITALY V. BROMBERG 22ES4000768 Personal Representative: TANYA BROMBERG Address: 6 PITSFORD CT., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: CHARLES JOHNSON, PA Address: PO BOX 12426, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: SHERRY G. CANNON 22ES4000538 Personal Representative: WENDY BATES Address: 109 GEIGER RD., IRMO, SC 29063


HAROLD COLLINS 22ES4000478 Personal Representative: EVELINE COLLINS Address: 16 WOODLANDS RIDGE LN., COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: WENDI HOWARD COMBS 22ES4000652 Personal Representative: JENNIFER COMBS STOUT Address: 648 HOOVER LN., RIDGEWAY, SC 29130

Estate: THOMAS LEE CRAWFORD 22ES4000517 Personal Representative: SUSAN CHRISTINE CRAWFORD Address: 221 S. PLAZA CT., MT. PLEASANT, SC 29464

Estate: IDA FRANCES DOOTSON 22ES4000833 Personal Representative: JEFFERY DOOTSON, DMD Address: 208 CRICKET HILL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: FREDERICK A. CRAWFORD, ESQ Address: PO DRAWER 7788, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: ANNIE BELL EDMOND ELLIS 22ES4000601 Personal Representative: MARION E. ELLIS Address: 115 STEEPLE DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: THOMAS WALTER ESTRIDGE 22ES4000713 Personal Representative: BRENDA LYNN ESTRIDGEHART Address: 921 BOOKMAN RD., ELGIN, SC 29045 Attorney: KATHRYN M. COCKRILL Address: PO BOX 12367, CHARLESTON, SC 29422

Estate: VALERIE R. GIBSON 22ES4000387 Personal Representative: SAMUEL EMANUEL GIBSON Address: 201 LINCOLNSHIRE BLVD., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: GAYNELL ROGERS GLENN 22ES4000451 Personal Representative: BOBBY ROGERS Address: 405 ABRAHAM ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: JERRY LESTER GREENE 22ES4000563 Personal Representative: NINA A. ELLISON GREENE Address: 175 DELAWARE AVE.,


Estate: ASHLEY LYNNE HARDISTER 22ES4000811 Personal Representative: TERESA T. VON BESSER Address: 168 TWISTED HILL RD., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: CARLOS W. GIBBONS Address: 712 CALHOUN ST. STE. B., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: GWENDOLYN HOBBS HENDRIX 22ES4000663 Personal Representative: JAMES GARY WARD Address: 131 HICKORY CREEK TR., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: EDITH HUDSON 22ES4000120 Personal Representative: JULIUS C.C. KITT Address: 300 BRADBURY DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: DOROTHY MARIE KEARSE 22ES4000495 Personal Representative: JAMES KEARSE Address: 10485 NE 6TH ST. APT. 3628, BELLEVUE, WA 98004

Estate: ROSE ANNE LIVINGSTON 22ES4000796 Personal Representative: ALLEN CROSBY LIVINGSTON JR. Address: 112 STEEPLE CREST SOUTH, IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: JULIUS BERNARD LONG 22ES4000051 Personal Representative: ROSE MARY GLENN Address: 4305 RYAN AVE., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: JAMES DAVID LUSTER SR. 22ES4000529 Personal Representative: RAMON ANTONIO LUSTER Address: 10143 DOGWOOD CREEK DR., JACKSONVILLE, FL 32222

Estate: MARY E. MAJOR 22ES4000508 Personal Representative: MARION E. ELLIS Address: 115 STEEPLE DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: BERTHA MAE PAGE 22ES4000752 Personal Representative: SHAWN C. HARRIS Address: 6109 S. AINSWORTH AVE., TACOMA, WA 98408 Attorney: MARSHALL MINTON

Address: 700 HUGER ST. STE. 102, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: MARGARET E. PUTNAM 22ES4000453 Personal Representative: JENNIFER FISHER Address: 10215 DOGWOOD ST., LONGMONT, SC 80504

Estate: JERRY RICE 22ES4000684 Personal Representative: NICOLE D. TRIPOLI Address: 9011 CONCORD HILL CT., RALEIGH, NC 27613

Estate: VEDA JESTER SMITH 22ES4000813 Personal Representative: JAMIE M. BEST III Address: PO BOX 9507, COLUMBIA, SC 29290 Attorney: JAMIE M. BEST III Address: PO BOX 9507, COLUMBIA, SC 29290

Estate: TYRONE STEWARD SR. 22ES4000674 Personal Representative: DEBBIE S. WOODARD Address: 802 NEAR CREEK DR., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: BETTY MCMAHON TARRER 22ES4000819 Personal Representative: SHARON ANN TARRER O’NEILL Address: 216 WHIPPLE RUN LOOP, MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29588 Attorney: JUDITH CALLISON FISHER Address: 440 KNOX ABBOTT DR. STE. 385, CAYCE, SC 29033

Estate: JOSEPH NATHAN TRAPP SR. 22ES4000639 Personal Representative: MARTHA B. TRAPP Address: 307 HOWELL RD., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: JAMES MICHAEL WOLFORD 22ES4000817 Personal Representative: KATHRYN LESLIE EKARD Address: 325 SPEARS CREEK CHURCH RD., ELGIN, SC 29045 Attorney: KERRY MURPHY Address: 2512 DEVINE ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: DEBBY T. WRIGHT 22ES4000820 Personal Representative: CARL W. WRIGHT Address: 312 CONNIE WRIGHT RD., IRMO, SC 29063

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