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Notice of Unclaimed Vehicles/Public Sale




SALE The following vehicle(s) are subject to towing, repair and/or storage Liens; are declared to be abandoned pursuant to Section 56-5- 5810, 56-5- 5635 and/or 29-15-10 SC Law as amended; and are in the custody of the following business: Palmetto Auto Service c/o Abandoned No More 1201 Broad River Rd Columbia, SC 29210 803-317-8226 2006 Mazda Tribute VIN# 4F2YZ02Z46KM14884 Owner: Charles L Jenkins 313 Frazier St., Winnsboro, SC 29180- 1414 Lienholder: None Accrued charges as of 5/4/22 are $2150.00 The owner/lienholder may reclaim within 30 days of this notice by paying the custodian of the vehicle all charges authorized by law. Additional storage and/or processing costs may be added after the date of this notice. The failure of the owner/lienholder to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle within the time provided may be deemed a waiver of all right, title, and interest in the vehicle and their consent to sale of the vehicle at public auction.

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