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No tax dollars for a baseball stadium

I read with interest your recent article “baseball in Columbia.” I hope you were able to attend the, “so called,” public input meeting yesterday (January 21). I use the term “so-called” public input meeting because the first two hours were spent trying to sell the public on using tax dollars so the team owner, Mr. Frier, can make money. About 90 percent of those who commented objected using public tax dollars to build a for-profit baseball stadium for Frier. There were far more concerned with our city’s more pressing needs, such as public safety, water, and sewer!

Most agreed that Columbia could support a minor league team; however, tax dollars should not be used to build the stadium! Hardball Capital is a for-profit business. Frier should find private financing for his baseball stadium.

If Sam Walton came before council asking the taxpayers to pay for him to build a Walmart on the Bull Street property, the answer would be NO WAY! Frier is no different.

We hope you will continue to follow this controversy!

-G. King

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